Two Cartel Gunmen Dead as Shootouts Continue Just South of Texas Border

File Photo: Breitbart Texas

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Once again the streets of this border community turned into a war zone as Mexican authorities battled three vehicles full of cartel gunmen. The fierce gun battle and chases resulted in two gunmen being crushed to death in a vehicle rollover.

The violence took place this week when a convoy of Tamaulipas state police officers with the Fuerza Tamaulipas task force were traveling towards the downtown area of this city after answering a call for help, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Tamaulipas government revealed.

As the convoy was moving, a vehicle with various gunmen pulled alongside.

That is when the cartel gunmen began to throw various road spikes at the police officers.

The police officers began chasing the gunmen resulting in a larger rolling shootout as two more SUV’s with gunmen joined in. The gunmen in the SUV’s immediately began to fire at authorities who began to fight off the attack as the chase ensued.

Amid the firefight, one of the SUV’s lost control and ended up rolling over on the city’s south side. Two gunmen ended up getting crushed to death under the vehicle.

The gunmen in the other two vehicles fled immediately after the rollover leaving behind the bodies of their comrades.

One of the deceased gunmen has been identified by authorities as Eduardo Alexander Hernandez Esteban. The second gunman has not yet been identified.

Inside the SUV, authorities found two radios, two marijuana baggies and a small bag with cocaine. Authorities also found several rifles and ammunition magazines.

The seized items and the case was turned over to the Mexican Attorney General’s Office for investigation.

The road spikes that set off the chase are usually welded nails in the shape of a pyramid that are thrown by Gulf Cartel gunmen by the dozens along main city roads in order to rapidly deflate military and police vehicles. If one of the vehicles is forced to stop over a flat tire, either the convoy stops or part of it stays behind in order to not leave their fellow officers vulnerable. As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, Tamaulipas lawmakers had tried to make the possession and use of such devices illegal, but Mexico’s Supreme Court struck the law down claiming it was poorly written.

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