U.S. Smuggler Turns to Feds to Hide from Drug Cartel

Cocaine in South Texas
FILE Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection
McAllen, TX

McALLEN, Texas — Fearing a certain death at the hand of a Mexican drug lord, an American smuggler turned himself in to federal authorities after more than $400,000 in cocaine was stolen from his house during a shooting and raid.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed that since October, 25-year-old Ejalte De Leon, a U.S. citizen, was in contact with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and told them that he feared for his safety after having been the victim of a drug rip-off. Under the guidance of an attorney, De Leon told agents through various interviews about his operation and how someone had stolen drugs from his stash house, leaving him with a large drug debt.

According to De Leon, he had one stash house in the western side of McAllen at 2201 North 31st Street and charged users $400 per kilogram there. The man also claimed to travel to Houston to deliver five to seven kilos (11-15 pounds) of cocaine at a time.

In early August, De Leon received a shipment of 22 kilos (48.4 pounds) of cocaine that he kept at the house and he delivered five of those to Houston. On August 14, while De Leon was out of town, McAllen Police responded to the stash house for a call of shots fired. A cousin of De Leon’s had been staying at the home but has since left to Mexico. Authorities seized a little over 10 kilos of cocaine from the house.

According to De Leon, since only 10 kilograms are listed in the police report, he is responsible for repaying a Mexican cartel for lost cocaine. Court records place the value of the drugs at $400,000. As part of their ongoing investigation, DEA agents arrested De Leon late last week, he remains in federal custody facing drug conspiracy charges.

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