MSM Sitting Out Eleanor Holmes Norton Scandal

They are still virtual no-shows. The activist old media is putting itself on the sidelines with a Democrat Congresswoman who was caught on tape squeezing a lobbyist for cash.

They will be pulled kicking and screaming into this story by the people Dan Rather called “pajama journalists.” I think we’ve seen this story before.

DNC Norton

Andrew Breitbart broke the story on Big Government because it shows everything that is wrong with government. Politicians who use their power to shake down lobbyists for cash so they can keep their power– usually the media love these stories, especially when there’s audio! But so far, nothing in the New York Times, nothing in Holmes’ hometown newspaper, the Washington Post. Only the Wall Street Journal has done its job. Writes John Fund:

Ms. Norton’s office didn’t respond to several requests for comment yesterday, leaving open the question of whether she crossed ethical lines that prohibit members from linking contributions to the performance of their official duties. At least one House member I spoke with says Ms. Norton is in clear violation of House rules and should be hauled up before the Ethics Committee.

The sleazy scramble for cash initiated by Speaker Pelosi is a far cry from her pledge to run the “most ethical and honest Congress in history” when Democrats won control in 2006. Just last February, when asked at a news conference about that quote, she interrupted a reporter and said “And we are.”

Thankfully, voters will have the final say this November on whether or not they believe the accuracy of that statement.

I’ve had a little experience at knowing a good story when I see it, and I saw this as one of the major stories of the week and jumped on it with my own analysis on

[youtube sng98xQuRrM&feature nolink]

Let’s compare the way this story has been covered by the activists in the media with the way they treated the Mark Foley story. You remember Mark Foley, don’t you? September 2006 and the networks went full Lady Gaga over the news that he sent sexually explicit emails and instant messages to pages. No sex involved, just highly inappropriate messages. Foley resigned immediately and, since he was a Republican, the media and the Democrats worked overtime before the mid-term elections to tag every Republican with the Culture of Corruption. It worked. The media echo of the Democrats talking point led to a Republican disaster at the polls and it became “mission accomplished” for the Democrat-Media Complex.

Media, I know you love stories like these — so where are you? Where are you with reporting this story? You should be rushing to Nancy Pelosi to get comments. You should be camping out at Eleanor Holmes Norton’s doorstep to get reaction. You might want to ask President Obama why there are still lobbyists swimming in cesspools with his fellow Democrats (wasn’t he supposed to remove lobbyists from having influence in D.C.?)

This might also help you answer the question as to where all the “stimulus” money has gone. Another good story there.

Oh, the media may just say this is politics as usual and ignore a prominent Democrat shaking down a lobbyist for quick cash—-they always say that when Democrats are caught — but you don’t control the landscape anymore. There are plenty of us out here now and we know a good story when we see it.

We’re watching you, Democrat-Media Complex.


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