Media Spins Obama's Embarrassing Royal Toast

Obama embarrassed himself (and our nation) once again, this time while toasting The Queen of England. Stranded at a former state dinner setting without his teleprompter, Obama tried to turn a toast into a speech with note cards, talking over the playing of England’s National Anthem.

[youtube pNRXGRFJdDY]

Some in Make-Believe Media are downplaying the event as an awkward flub, a miscue owed to Obama’s completely understandable lack of experience with royalty (those in the stuffy, uptight British sphincter control set), or perhaps as an isolated, “kinda weird” incident.

Others are playing the liberal blame game spin tactic: blame anything or anybody but Obama and his White House incompetents. Jet lag, minor memory lapse, or an overindulgence in elegant lifestyle (too many vacations?). Heck, blame the band for interrupting Obama by simply doing what protocol dictated.

But Rush Limbaugh called the best spin so far: Blame the Girl. Yep, blame the Queen herself for snubbing Barry’s own ignorance of protocol. Check out the Tuscon Citizens lede “Queen snubs Obama’s Toast at State Dinner.” Compare the title of the video above to this one posted by NewsReelDemocracy who chose to entitle the moment “Queen humiliated Obama” instead of “Obama embarrassed Queen with long-winded toast.”

[youtube 7ZCsfyaOGdw]

Following up on the Blame the Girl spin angle, why hasn’t the MSM hasn’t started asking about the qualification of Ambassador Capricia Penavic Marshall in Office of the Chief of Protocol at the State Department? According to its own official state website, the Office of the Chief of Protocol describes some of its myriad functions as follows:

Working with style, elegance and an acute attention to detail, the Ceremonials Division plans, executes and supports a wide range of ceremonial and official functions hosted by the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and other high-ranking United States Government officials.

Apparently, Ms. Marshall is no stranger to orchestrating these diplomatic screw-ups in the Obama White House. You know, like that cool iPod loaded with show tunes that Obama gave to the Queen of England, or that swell boxed set DVD movies Obama gifted to the legally blind British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the ones that he couldn’t see in England (even if he were sighted) because their formatting is a mismatch for U.K. players? Credit to The Washington Examiner writer Mark Hemmingway for asking just such tough questions two years ago.

So you’ve gotta wonder how long it’ll take the media to throw Ms. Marshall under the bus to save Obama’s public image as a president who can’t even get a toast right. Just who IS this girl assigned the task of advising President Obama on how to totally irritate our allies at state dinners? Why are we paying her anything? Why does she still have a public sector job?

Because it can’t just be Obama’s total and utter lack of qualifications. Anything to obscure the fact that he’s employed above his pay grade.


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