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Andrew Sullivan Uses Palin's Child as Partisan Political Prop … Again


As John Nolte points out here, The Daily Beast/Newseek’s Andrew Sullivan — with the help of some MSM allies — is always on the lookout to weaponize Sarah Palin’s own children as political weapons against her. It’s an obscene tactic and also an unprecedented one. But because nothing and no one will stop Uncle Sully from using a mother’s own children as a partisan bludgeon, he went off again earlier this week:

Is it too outrageous to ask why this little girl is not in school, rather than acting as a media bouncer for her mother on a publicity/campaign tour?

The “little girl” he’s weaponizing is Piper Palin, Sarah Palin’s youngest daughter. Not only is this no one’s business but the Palin family’s — is Sullivan’s bubble so thick he’s never heard of home schooling? — but he also happens to be dead wrong.

Here’s his later backfill:

Update: because school in Alaska is now out for the summer. My bad.

According to Andrew Sullivan and those who accept this tactic, the children of politicians are no longer out of bounds.

Do we really want to live in that world?


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