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Take Warning From Left's 'New Tone'


I’m writing this column, hoping to avoid something tragic or horrible before it happens.

The media loves telling us how they are there to protect us from everything awful or dangerous. Okay, time to put up.

Conservatives are under attack from the left and you sit there on the sidelines.

I was in Chicago last year with Andrew Breitbart when an unruly crowd of leftists attacked him verbally and viscously. He stood strong. He had every right to be there, and it’s clear the instigators were from the left.

We’ve all seen the recent video of Breitbart in the lobby of the hotel at the gathering of leftist bloggers. Had I not already known the outcome of that encounter, it would’ve been easy to fear for his safety at that time as well. This was as close as you can get to a physical attack. Fortunately it was just verbal, but what is the next step after a verbal attack like that?

Now, the Glenn Beck situation. He takes his family to a play in New York and is accosted by a gang of leftists going after his wife and daughter. Beck travels with security—I’ve seen them and chatted with them. By all accounts, security could not have done much to help with this incident. Wine was kicked on Beck’s wife and an evening out with his family ruined. Leftists punks acted like paparazzi, taking pictures of Beck’s family and posting them on a left-wing web site.

My media friends, who are always so quick to point out conservative violence where there is none, are virtually ignoring this activity that is right at the edge of busting out into something much more serious.

The activist old media work overtime to bring cameras to tea party rallies hoping to spot violence, or the least bit of incivility, and lead the newscast with the result. They have been shut out. Now, we have documented evidence of conservatives under attack, and the media give us crickets.

I hope this recent activity by leftists does not escalate to the next level and turn “Kenneth Gladney,” or “William Rice” on us. Gladney was the conservative beaten up and hospitalized by SEIU thugs and Rice was the 65 year old conservative who had his finger bitten off by a freak at a health care rally.

I could go on and on and mention many more incidents like the Al Gore Disciple who terrorized the folks at the Discovery Channel building in DC because he felt they weren’t doing enough stories on population control. There is a trend here.

This is past the point where the media should’ve found the common thread and exposed it. Of course, it does not fit their template that says that conservatives are crazy nuts and liberals are caring and compassionate and incapable of the violence that is actually happening.

I hope I’m wrong, but something much worse is on the verge of happening here with the violent left.

I’ve been in those morning and afternoon meetings in newsrooms where story ideas are kicked around. Somebody needs to have the courage to bring up the very real danger that is out there right now at the hands of leftists. You have the video, you have the evidence, and you cannot now ignore this legitimate story.

In the name of civility ask your local “progressive” leaders what they are doing to stop incidents like these from happening in your city. Ask Democrat leaders why attacks from the left are escalating. They got their Dear Leader in the White House, why are they so unhappy and angry? Be proactive, as the consultants tell you to be, and take the lead on this. July ratings are coming up, these would be perfect stories to promote and thus drive ratings, plus, by shedding light on this, you might actually protect somebody.

While those who commit acts of violence are ultimately responsible for them, the media who have promised to protect us from killer tomatoes and Chinese dry-wall, are sitting silent on this.

I’m not so naïve as think any of these stories will be done, but I just want to be on the record with my media friends to help them make a real difference, and yes, you can also consider this a warning that incivility is escalating, it is officially dangerous, and it’s coming from one direction.


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