Terrorizing The Progressive Narrative

There is no need whatsoever for conservatives to marginalize those we disagree with on the other side of the aisle by referring to them as stupid or ridiculous because they keep going out of their way to do it for us.

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The ongoing battles over debt, spending, taxes and the way some perceive that we should be conducting the process of governing this great nation have, if nothing, served as a perfect illustration of what is wrong with modern American Democrats. The Tea Party people driving the debate are now continually being referred to has terrorists and hijackers by leftists far outside of the cackling horde of usual suspects at MSNBC. And why? Because they had the audacity to demand that the representatives in a representative republic actually, you know, represent them.

The liberal penchant for referring to everything but terrorism as terrorism continues to mystify. And their blind spot for the common thread in real terrorism is dangerous. One can only assume that it will get worse now that Anders Breivik has given them someone to double the number of occupants in the Tim McVeigh pool of statistical anomalies they use to excuse the blind spot. The triumph of the everybody-gets-a-trophy reluctance to hurt feelings over national security is quite nauseating.

It was truly striking that Rep. Gabby Giffords returned to Congress yesterday after the Democrats and their media mouthpieces had just spent weeks defiling the “new tone” that President Finger-Wagger and his minions spent so much time lecturing us about in the wake of her tragic shooting. Jonah Goldberg addressed this latest disconnect on the part of our less-than-esteemed opponents earlier.Let us get to the heart of just what it is that has the professional American Left acting up right now.

This isn’t really about their fetish-level obsession with taxation or their enduring hatred for wealthy people who aren’t named Kennedy, Boxer, Kerry or Soros. What we have been witnessing is a full-blown meltdown over their loss of control over the narrative and the power that gives them over the common folk.

American Progressives (big “P”) are, at heart, devout elitists. It is a political philosophy that believes that a chosen few know what is best for the great unwashed. That’s why Democrats are always talking about “fighting” for you. You see, you’re simply too weak, stupid, disenfranchised and SO not riding on a corporate jet today to be fighting for yourself.

Never was this more evident than during the health care debacle that President Obama kept referring to as a debate. We were told over and over that the bill was best for us? Why? Just because, that’s why. Our alleged betters didn’t even know what was in the bill but we were supposed to take on faith that it was chock-full of awesome merely because they had decided it was. Democrats in Congress became resentful of having to interact with constituents and explain this monstrous drag on an already fragile economy.

What emerged from the institutionalized arrogance that rammed health care reform into law without any real examination was a political movement that decided the American people might want to be in charge of America again.

Democrats and their ever-ready media accomplices exhausted themselves attempting to define the Tea Party people as an irrelevant fringe of American politics. They had spent so many decades using the one-two punch of party talking points and their constant repetition by the MSM to shape the political narrative that they had no real reason to believe it wouldn’t continue to be successful.

Now this “fringe” group is, according to them, in complete control of the American legislative process.

And they’ve nothing left to do but stomp their feet.

So we see things like Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman behaving as if he never passed a high school civics class, weeping and wailing about “blackmail” and “extremists”. All because legislators actually had to work on a bill for once in recent memory to respond to a long-ignored constituency. Unlike what transpired with the health care “debate”, the op-ed machine at the New York Times wasn’t enough to will this legislation into a law that pleased the Progressive Illuminati.

The Paul Krugmans of America aren’t really worried about the economy, they’re worried that we won’t believe whatever they tell us about the economy. That’s why the full-scale hyperbole offensive has been launched by the Left.

For decades, “compromise” in Washington meant that establishment GOP moderates would roll over once Democrats ginned up a crisis and let the press spend enough time pretending it was real. So Democrats and the media have been huge fans of “compromise” up to this point. Now that they’ve had to experience the “mutual concessions” portion of the definition of compromise, the other side is a bunch of terrorists who are hijacking democracy.

Perhaps the most pathetic aspect of the Progressive meltdown is that the people who are virtually incapable of selling their ideology to the American public without manufacturing a crisis (“Grandma off the cliff!” “They want to kill women!”) out of thin air are accusing Republicans, and specifically Tea Party people, of creating a needless crisis. This patently ridiculous contention is the inglorious finishing touch to a tantrum that exemplifies the complete lack of self-awareness that is the one of the hallmarks of Progressivism.

There is some truth in the narrative about a fringe element having undue influence in one of the major American political parties at the moment.

It’s just not happening where they’re telling you it is.


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