CNN's Anti-Bullying Crusade Already Violates Its Own Code with Name-Calling



According to “The Bully Project” that CNN and that beefy hunk of an anchorman Anderson Cooper have aligned themselves with, these are the rules that should govern a civil society:

We’re working to build an alliance of students, parents, school staff, policy makers and engaged citizens to create a positive environment in schools where everyone feels safe and respected. What can you do?

Speak up when you see bullying.

Make friends with people who are different from you. Strive to create a culture of kindness in your school.

Everything starts with one. Be that one.

So why is Lily Tomlin on national television calling bullies names like “cowards”?

If you’re supposed to “make friends” with people who are different than you, aren’t bullies different than you?

If you’re supposed to create a positive environment where everyone’s “respected,” how exactly does all this name-calling do that?

Furthermore, isn’t doing what Tomlin suggests and ganging up against a bully … bullying?

I expected better from CNN and I suspect I am not alone.

To put my disappointment Bully Project-speak: CNN is not being “that one.”


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