'Crowdsource' This: Countdown to Media Matters' Attack on Big Government's #OccupyWallStreet Document Dump


Back in August I did an autopsy on Media Matters for America and their blood-money fueled attack on Kenneth Gladney, the black merchant beaten mercilessly by two pro-Obama SEIU thugs at a townhall meeting in August of 2009. What was fascinating about diving so deeply and thoroughly into a story I knew little about was in the discovery of how the MSM counts on the left-wing, Soros-funded Media Matters to run interference for them when it comes to stories inconvenient to the desired Leftist narrative.

An excerpt:

What Media Matters is designed to do (or adapted itself to do) is to (through any dishonest means necessary) discredit any and all stories bubbling online before they reach the MSM and do damage to the Left’s desired narrative. If you watch the insidious relationship between Media Matters and the MSM, it becomes obvious that their unspoken agreement is that another Swiftboat Veterans story must never be allowed to survive long enough to where the MSM will have no choice but to cover it. Therefore, Media Matters’ primary function is not to uncover truths or reveal facts, their mission is solely to engage in tactics that undermine and discredit stories inconvenient to the Left — and their approach is a simple one. By directing buzz-words like “hoax” at these undesired stories with a side order of calculated ridicule and mockery, Media Matters gives the MSM the excuse necessary to look the other way.

Since Big Government posted a link to of thousands of documents that show Occupy Wall Street is anything but grassroots and that its true roots and goals are, the national news media is once again faced with a story they have no desire to cover. The media likes this Occupy movement. They like how it could turn into votes for Barack Obama and they like how it distracts from a number of brewing White House scandals. But this document treasure-trove completely blows out of the water the media attempts to paint this movement as a force of good — which is especially important now that White House has attempted to co-opt it.

Worst of all the for the leftist MSM is how these documents expose those behind this protest as the nihilistic monsters they really are — a force much worse than anything the MSM attempted to falsely portray the tea party as.

And so, if history is any judge, it will soon be Media Matters to the rescue! Senior Fellows will ride in on their white unicorns full of the kind of dismissive “analysis” the MSM craves so that they can ignore the revelations at Big Government this morning. They have manned their posts and prepared for battle.

How much do you want to bet Eric Boehlert read the Big Government piece, sounded the alarm, and tacked a hundred-dollar bill to the office wall?:

“First one of you to use the word ‘hoax’ gets this!”

Predictable, yes. But also very effective.


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