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Matthews Invites Rather to Weekend Show, #Occupy Groupthink Ensues


At what point does a newscaster lose credibility?

I’ll answer that myself. As long as you are a media leftist, you will always have credibility and have a seat at the table of activist, old media types.

Dan Rather, he of the 2004 fake documents scandal that attempted to get John Kerry elected over George W. Bush, is still called upon for his opinion by certain cable news networks. Seriously? Are there any “deal-breakers” that disqualify you at some point on the left? Guess not.

Rather was hanging out with four other leftists on “The Chris Matthews Show” this weekend (this is can’t-miss TV, if you count watching groupthink and close-mindedness as entertaining). Rather is doing some sort of “special” on the Occupy Wall Street protests, telling us what they are really all about and getting to the bottom of the story. He will try to tell us the truth this time. Honest.

I hope Rather’s report doesn’t miss this strange group chant. The masses refer to themselves as “the Block” and they must all speak in unison, the type of group-speak that Stalin would be proud of. Watch this entire video and you’ll find humor in how this small, homogenized group cannot decide on a simple question of whether one of their ideological own, Congressman John Lewis, should speak. You wanna see gridlock, this is is gridlock at its finest–big government in a microcosm. What if they had to decide a serious issue, like who should use the toilet and when? Were “Saturday Night Live” impartial, they could kill with a parody of this. My favorite part is about eight minutes in when the guy with a megaphone (hey, that’s unfair that less than 1% of the crowd gets the megaphone!) does a series of mic checks and the crowd yells “mic check” every time he does a mic check. You can’t make this stuff up.

I also hope Dan doesn’t leave out the arrests and the storming of the Air and Space Museum. What did the Air and Space Museum do to these people? Hummmm—imagine how the networks would cover the tea party doing things like this.

In Las Vegas, the “occupiers” marched on the Statue of Liberty in front of the New York, New York Hotel and Casino. Now, they said it was to march on the symbols of Wall Street, but there are no symbols of Wall Street at that casino, unless they just wanted to make a statement that a business itself is a symbol of Wall Street. Have no doubt, these marches are against America, capitalism and businesses. Thus, marching on the Statue of Liberty seems to fit right in with this group.

Dan brought this gem to the Matthews Show when talking about the protest group:

“[Occupy Wall Street] could become a mirror image of the tea party on the left and towards the center,” he said. “It has the potential, mark the word potential, to be on the left and edge into the center of what the tea party has been on the right.”

Center? He sees this group as having the potential to represent the center in this country? Maybe Dan thinks this neeked guy on the streets of San Francisco at the OccupyBizzareStreet rally has the potential to be in the center of American politics. The years have not been kind to Dan.

Then, Chris Matthews asks this of the OccupyWeirdStreet movement: “How can the president, can the president tap into this; is he doing anything that is convincing that he is angry at this inequality?” Chris, what have you been tuned into lately? Have you missed the last year or so of Barack Obama news conferences and speeches? Obama is fueling this movement; he is their leader. Chris, have you not heard about increased taxes on “millionaires and billionaires?” Read the signs at the rally’s and tell me these people aren’t in lockstep with the White House. Who do you think they will vote for in 2012? Michele Bachmann?

Oh yes, we all know Obama takes millions in campaign donations from Wall Street bankers and his bailout gave them hundreds of billions of our tax dollars, but this crowd on the streets doesn’t know or care about that. They watch MSNBC, which guarantees their ignorance. They are jealous of the Tea Party and just want to march for something, anything. Truth be known, the tea party and these latest protests have something very important in common. They both opposed the bailouts. Analyze that for a moment. There’s your center right there, Dan Rather.

Chris also asked what the risk was if Obama and the Democrats join with the protestors. Seriously? If? Chris, they already have–again, they fueled these protests. You can’t tell anybody you don’t know who those protesters are out there.

Matthews and Rather are the perfect combo for this show. They should chant in unison next time they are on, just like the folks at the Atlanta Rally … but keep their clothes on.


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