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Race-Obsessed CNN Drops R-Word Into Relationship Between Cain and Tea Party



At first glance, the CNN video segment above might look and sound like just another eye-rollingly stupid report from an eye-rollingly stupid cable news network, but there’s actually a hearty helping of propaganda at work here. Overall, what CNN is attempting to do is make damn sure the tea party is never let off the hook marked “racists.” And now that the tea party has so openly embraced Herman Cain, the MSM has to figure out a way to still throw down the Race Card on us even as so many of us plan to pull the lever to make a black Republican the next president.

Watch the segment closely again and you’ll see what I mean. The word to listen for starts with an “r,” and it’s not “racism.”

The Left is freaking out right now. Cain is taking off and we tea partiers are the ones launching him, which means there’s a very serious disturbance in the corrupt MSM’s narrative force:

What? Wait? Whoa, the tea party loves a black guy? They can’t do this to us, we just spent two years falsely smearing them as racists!

And so the reaction from the MSM is obviously not going to be to acknowledge that they’re all a bunch of degenerate left-wing liars who smeared a whole movement of innocent people. Instead, they treat us to the very slippery and nasty sleight of hand posted in the video segment above.

Twice in this segment political reporter Shannon Travis tells his viewers about the right’s “reluctance” to discuss race:

[Herman Cain] is reluctant to mention his race in the story of his journey…

Why are conservatives reluctant to talk about Cain being a black man?

The Matrix at work here is glaringly obvious. Through the deliberate use of the word “reluctant,” Travis is ascribing a motive to our silence regarding Cain’s skin color. Travis and the segment producers chose that word deliberately to make it sound as though those of us in the tea party and Mr. Cain himself are afraid to speak out loud about his skin color. CNN wants to make it sound as though Cain’s skin color is some big, uncomfortable elephant in the room that we’re afraid to point to, and that there’s some unspoken agreement between us to pretend the color of his skin doesn’t exist.

Part of this is what it always is with the MSM, the need to smear conservatives as people uncomfortable with race in order to hold tight to that Race Card the Left so desperately needs to win elections. But there’s also a lot of liberal projection at work here.

The Left is obsessed with race because the Left’s coalition is one based solely on our differences and the phony grievances they gin up in order to keep those differences sharply defined. And Leftists like those at CNN certainly cannot come to terms with the fact that the those of us on the right are much more evolved as a colorblind society than they are. If you tell a Leftist like Shannon Travis that “reluctance” is the wrong word and “indifference” is the right one, his face is at risk of melting off as his entire worldview falls to pieces in a single, horrible moment.

I’m not reluctant to talk about the color of Cain’s skin and neither is anyone else I know. We just don’t care. It’s a meaningless topic and therefore a dull one. For those of you on the Left still confused, here’s a taste of how it works…

  • Herman Cain is not a black man, he’s a great man.
  • Barack Obama is not a black president, he’s a failed president.
  • My wife is not Mexican, she’s the love of my life.
  • Shannon Travis is not a black reporter, he’s a left-wing propagandist.

I hope that was helpful.

Also, take another look at the segment and enjoy the chuckle over the best CNN could come up with to portray the tea party as racist:

  1. A signs that says “Mao Is No Hero”
  2. A sign that says “Gangster Government”
  3. An Obama as Joker t-shirt
  4. A sign with Obama as the Grinch. Ahem.

To any rational human being there is quite obviously nothing pictured there that even skates anything close to racism. If that’s racism, nothing is racism and everything is racism … but that’s the whole point.

Over the past few years, the MSM’s Precious One and every Left-wing, wet dream piece of legislation has been proven once and for all a total and complete failure. Which means that the Race Card is one of the few political weapons these people have left. There’s just one problem, though, Republicans aren’t racists. But the Left has a solution for that. They’ve decided to turn whatever we do into racism — whether it’s speaking the truth about Mao not being a hero or not giving a damn about the color of a great American’s skin.

Travis isn’t finished though. He saves his nastiest shot for the closer as he sums up what it all means [emphasis mine]:

When you listen to Herman Cain he’s a classic pull yourself up by your own bootstraps conservative. And part of that is why he’s resonated so much within certain Republican circles. We certainly know that he’s been very popular among tea party activists and that’s the kind of message that they like; stick to the economy, taxes, Constitutional adherence, and don’t focus on what you’ve gotten or what you haven’t gotten because you’re black.

In other words, neither that “sell-out” Cain nor the tea party care about racism.

Rest assured, however, that the MSM, CNN, and Travis will never let go of this cynical obsession. In fact, Travis promises as much [emphasis original]:

Yet questions regarding Cain’s SKIN COLOR will likely continue.

And we all know who will be asking them.


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