2012 Is Coming, the MSM Is Corrupt, and Big Journalism Needs Your Help

Yesterday afternoon a reader name LibertyGeek asked a great question about media bias:

I ask what are we going to do about it? There’s no doubt that the MSM is in the tank for the Dems. That knowledge and a six pack will get me a buzz.

You’re connected and have a platform. Put the question out to all the folks who read your posts, “How do we combat this extreme bias?”

The alternate media does a great job but there are a TON of really intelligent people who are too busy earning a living to research things. How do we reach these people, most of whom are “Your father’s Democrats”?

The answer to this question is simple: Don’t stand for it.

I was a liberal until about 1991, and what a shocker it was to discover that the very same media I had no problems with prior to seeing the light was now filled with lies, propaganda, half-truths, and any number of parlor tricks intentionally set up to destroy our side. Unless you lived through it, you can’t imagine how frustrating it was to sit through the ’92 election unable to do anything about the corrupt MSM’s partisan crusade to elect Bill Clinton.

Keep in mind that this was before the Internet, before email, before Andrew Breitbart, before Twitter, before Fox News, and before talk radio was the force that it is today. At the time, the only person going on television and aggressively exposing this injustice and saying the things I wanted to say was one of my few living heroes, The Mighty Brent Bozell.

The good news is that it’s not 1992 anymore and you no longer have to sit around frustrated waiting for someone else to speak for you. Best of all, you also aren’t in a position where you have to put all the effort into composing a letter of complaint hoping some newspaper will print it.

If you want to do something about media bias — which is doing something for America — use the Internet. Also…

Use us.

Help us.

1. We have a virtual tip-line. If you see bias, report it. We can’t get to everything, but we do read everything.

2. We cannot watch everything, so pick a beat on our behalf. Who wants to help us keep an eye on all the insidiously bias moves made at Politico, the New York Times, CBS, CNN, and all the rest? Focus on something like the “NBC Nightly News,” Wolf Blitzer’s CNN shift , or the Los Angeles Times — something specific — and become our eyes and ears.

3. Keep an eye on your local news outlets. Many are just as biased and corrupt as their national counterparts and deserve to be held up to exposure. Especially in swing states and in hotly contested congressional districts, these outlets are no less important than the Washington Post.

4. On your own, you can do many things. If the story is online, leave a comment exposing the bias. Email the writer directly. Tweet the writer. Be polite, be firm, be relentless.

Exposure is what’s needed to fight this growing cancer and if you politely but firmly let those who abuse the privilege of their position know they’ve been exposed, that’s not only effective but will get some of the frustration off your chest.

Call me corny, call me an alarmist, but in my opinion nothing less than out country is at stake. As individuals I have no doubt the MSM is populated with genuinely decent people who love their kids and make great neighbors. But as a whole, they are partisans, charlatans, and liars.

Thanks to the wonder of the Web, you need not accept the daily injustice of a partisan media using objectivity as a weapon to destroy what we know is right.

Thanks to the wonder of the Web, whether you choose to fight or not is now up to you.


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