Media Hypes Occupy's Rose Parade "Octopus" Float

As chronicled here over the past few weeks, the LA Times continues to hype the Occupy Rose Parade miscreants and its disgraced leader, convicted thief and wanna-be one-percenter, Peter Thottam. Another fluff piece appeared in its blog, describing the human powered “float” the Occupy Rose Parade bunch intend to shove in Americans’s living rooms at the end of the televised 123rd Rose Parade. The “float” consists of numerous plastic bags strung together and dubbed a corporate “octopus of greed.”

Photo from Occupy The Rose Parade website

The AP’s single close-up photo used by the LA Times shows a paltry seven “Occupiers.” Contrast this to the many thousands of volunteers who have worked for months preparing floats and practicing with marching bands for the Rose Parade.

Let’s get this straight: The century old Rose Parade uses gazillions of living fresh natural flowers and all natural organic green materials to decorate floats built by thousands of volunteers, many of them children, and is paid for by voluntary private donations. To protest this supposedly evil symbol of corporate greed, the Occupods have rigged up a 70 by 40 foot “octopus” puppet made of plastic bags and manipulated by just a handful of puppet masters. Just think of George Soros with eight tentacles.

In short, the true Rose Parade volunteers hope to evoke happiness and joy among viewers, while the Occupy frauds hope to evoke class hatred and envy.

And what the LA Times conceals is the ugly irony of the Occupods’ plastic octopus. As of January 1, 2012, the plastic bag – the environmentalists’s equivalent of a cigarette – is outlawed in Los Angeles County retail stores. Yup, grocery stores (eeeevil corporations unfairly profiting from farmers’ efforts to feed the hungry) and pharmacies (eeeevil corporate drug pushers profiting from selling life-saving medicine) are now BANNED by government decree from giving away recyclable plastic bags to customers.

Even small mom and pop convenience stores, the 99% as it were, are banned from giving away plastic bags thanks to a fringe-influenced local government. Customers must now lug their own bags and boxes with them whenever they shop — welcome to 21st Century commerce forcefully bludgeoned with 18th Century inconvenience.

So really when it gets right down to it, the Occupy plastic bag octopus “float” more aptly represents the monstrous tentacles of government oppression of private enterprise and individual freedom. Happy Occupied New Year.


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