NBC's Brian Williams Intentionally Drains Excitement Out of Last Night's Debate

General Electric owns 49% of NBC. General Electric’s Chairman and CEO is Jeffrey Immelt. Jeffrey Immelt is a big-time Obama supporter, and if you’ve watched any one of NBC’s three news networks (or their entertainment endeavors), you know that NBC is the biggest billionaire-led, multinational corporation-owned Super PAC ever created, and it’s all in to get Barack Obama reelected.

It is within this context that you must look at everything NBC does in order to make sense of their behavior.

What Brian Williams did last night, with his fascist demand that the debate audience shut the hell up, was to ensure nothing exciting came out of the debate and — what do you know? — nothing did. Williams is obviously aware of the fact that the more excitement and attention stirs around the GOP, the more infectious that excitement might become, and that is not good for the news media’s Precious One — who will need the MSM in prime fighting form if he’s going to win a second term and, you know, ruin America.

Newt Gingrich, like many politicians (including Obama), feeds off his audience, and over the course of this primary it has been the roar of audience approval that has made Gingrich’s counter-attacks against Obama’s Media Palace Guards so compelling. Clips of these counter-attacks have gone viral, which means that Gingrich’s message exposing the corrupt MSM is starting to penetrate beyond the GOP faithful.

Can’t have that. And without the crowd roaring their approval, Williams knows any kind of counter-attack against him would look different, less like a winning moment and more like an argumentative one. In other words, Williams wasn’t going to allow himself to get John Kinged or allow our side to look like fighters and winners.

Brian Williams is not a dumb man. He’s a very smart and savvy political operative for the left, and he’s certainly smart enough to look for any angle that might help his side.

And that’s what last night was really about.

These debates are about the GOP, not about what the general public wants and certainly not about the corrupt news media wants. Brian Williams has no business telling us how to behave at our own party, especially when it makes the process less exciting and therefore less attractive to outsiders.

Obviously, general election debates are a different story. Those are not about a political party, they’re about our country and the crowd staying out of those makes perfect sense.

P.S. Whoever in the GOP okayed these debates with our openly hostile enemies in the media should be fired, tarred, feathered, and publicly humiliated on pay-per-view.