CNN Anchor Not So Sure Spike Lee Tweet Was Wrong

CNN Anchor Not So Sure Spike Lee Tweet Was Wrong


Looks like the media might finally be coming around to actually reporting on this story.

And they are obviously not happy about it.

Below, is a mind-blowing piece of video indicative of just how far off the rails our media has gone when it comes to participating in President Obama’s latest cynical campaign to divide Americans and gin up his base … in a crucial swing state. 

Watch the clip straight through and you’ll see that the CNN correspondent reporting on Spike Lee’s indefensible re-tweet of what he thought was the home address of Trayvon Martin’s alleged shooter (a Hispanic and registered Democrat) is outraged by the act. But CNN anchor Don Lemon simply cannot bring himself to agree with her.

What is it that Lemon can’t bring himself to condemn? A left-wing sacred cow like Spike Lee, the publicizing of the home address of a private citizen with a bounty on his head courtesy of the New Black Panthers, or both?

It would’ve been nice had Lemon summoned enough moral literacy to at least express his displeasure at an innocent elderly couple who have had to flee their home thanks to Lee’s inability to even do the wrong thing right.

Think about this: Even after he apologized, our media culture spent weeks pounding Rush Limbaugh for calling a public figure a “slut.” On the outrage scale, that ranks somewhere around a two.

Spike Lee re-tweeted to over 200,000 of his twitter followers what he thought was the private home address of a man with a very real bounty on his head, and all Lemon can do is shrug his shoulders. 

Looks as though Lemon is only outraged by certain kinds of behavior that might promote lawlessness and mob violence.

You know, I like liberals a lot better when they’re arguing for due process instead of against it.


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