Politico Continues Attacks on Private Citizens Supporting Romney

Politico Continues Attacks on Private Citizens Supporting Romney

MSNBC’s unofficial web-branch, known as Politico, couldn’t move fast enough to dismiss our story about the possibility that as a grown adult, President Obama, or those around him, might have had faked his biography Elizabeth Warren-style. To Politico, of course, that’s not news. The backgrounds of private citizens supporting Governor Romney, however, elicits all kinds of time, attention, manpower, and publicity from Politico’s wretched left-wingers.

Back in 2008, Politico’s Jonathan Martin did oppo-research on a private citizen Barack Obama approached for a photo-op. The man who would become ‘Joe the Plumber’ was just minding his own business when then-candidate Obama engaged him on-camera. Joe asked a perfectly fair question that the now-teleprompter addicted Obama flubbed miserably (but only by telling the truth). The McCain camp pounced, Joe became a YouTube sensation, and journalistic-thug Martin figured he could take the heat off Obama by making a private citizen’s tax liens a story.  

In the bullying tradition of her colleague Martin, last week, Politico’s Maggie Haberman did oppo-research on a private citizen who appeared in a Romney campaign ad.

Moreover, this is the same Politico which last week wrote a 1200 word feature piece about the return of Jeremiah Wright in the news but covered up one of the primary reasons Wright is back in the news: his tale of allegedly being bribed by the Obama campaign in 2008.

You sensing a pattern here?

Obviously, Politico is far from done vetting everyone but our sitting president or sending its threatening message that any kind of support for Mitt Romney will come with a heavy price.

Late yesterday, Politico’s pal Abby Phillip (pictured above) sunk her teeth into another private citizen whose only sin is not supporting Obama — Romney supporter John Kleinheinz — who is now paying for his million dollar donation with a big Politico spread exposing his once being wanted for “criminal mischief.”

The corrupt media is not only attacking private citizens who support candidates other than Their Precious One, but as we saw last week with this full-bore media intimidation campaign, the media is obviously furious that the (free speech known as) super PACs now have the ability to compete with them for the narrative. As a result, the media is targeting them and their donors, one by one, in an effort to intimidate them into silence. 

Here’s my question: If the private lives of private citizens are now fair game, why not the private lives of the journalists who expose and threaten to expose those private citizens?

Their rules, not mine.


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