Richard Grenell: BuzzFeed Politics' Reporter 'Anti-GOP, Obama Sympathizer'

You all remember Richard Grenell, Mitt Romney’s former foreign policy spokesman who resigned last month for a number of complicated reasons.

Well, like the rest of us, Grenell’s not at all fooled by BuzzFeed Politics’ phony pose as some kind of objective news outlet, and last night he…

lobbed a hand grenade at BuzzFeed‘s Michael Hastings[.] … “@mmhastings is supposed to be covering the obama campaign for buzzfeed but he laughs at GOP foreign policies, applauds Obama,” Grenell wrote.  …

Hastings replied, “Yes Iraq was huge a success.”

To that, Grenell said, “Reporters who giggle when talking policy lose credibility.” Hastings, well known for an article he wrote for Rolling Stone in which military officials in Afghanistan were highly critical of the Obama administration, defended his credibility remarking, “Sorry ric I must have missed you in Baghdad and kabul.”

Grenell had the last word: “So the reporter covering obama for Buzzfeed giggles at the GOP & thinks its fine cuz he went to Baghdad?”

When asked if he thought Hastings and BuzzFeed were largely left-leaning, Grenell, who worked in the Bush administration, told FishbowlDC, “Andrew [Kaczynski] at BuzzFeed is a bulldog covering the Romney campaign. His tenacity is impressive. Unfortunately, the guy they have covering the Obama team is proving to be anti-GOP and an Obama sympathizer.”

Gee, what a shocker.  BuzzFeed’s Romney guy is a tenacious bulldog while BuzzFeed’s Obama guy is a simpering lapdog.

Grenell’s correct, too. You can watch Hastings slobber all over Obama in this clip from back in March. If he was my guy charged with covering Obama, I would’ve fired his fanboy ass on the spot.  

Hastings’ actual boss, Ben “tanning bed” Smith, later jumped into the Twitter fray by dismissing Grenell as someone “working the refs,” which is exactly what you do when you can’t defend your product with concrete examples.

More on Ben Smith here.


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