Politico Gets Fast And Furious Wrong…Again

Politico Gets Fast And Furious Wrong…Again

Matthew Boyle at The Daily Caller found another incident at Politico regarding Fast & Furious. On Monday, Politico writers Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan reported Speaker John Boehner’s office is continuing informal discussions with the Department of Justice. 

This is not true and Speaker Boehner’s spokesman Michael Steel confirmed this is an email to Mr. Boyle.

“There are no talks between the Speakers’ office and the Department of Justice aimed at resolving this – and any such discussions would be handled by Chairman Issa and his staff,” Steel said in an email. “There is no daylight between the House Republican leadership and the Oversight Committee on this issue. We are all committed to holding the Department of Justice accountable.”

This isn’t the first time Mr. Sherman and Mr. Bresnahan have done this. On May 10 they published an article claiming the GOP leadership wanted to go slow with contempt charges against Mr. Holder. However later that very same day Speaker Boehner said at a press conference that he full supports the Fast & Furious investigation and all options are on the table.

Just a week ago Charlie Savage at The New York Times was caught reporting false information about Speaker Boehner’s office.  As I’ve shown through the past year Mr. Savage has a history of whitewashing the facts about Fast and Furious.


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