Media Accepts Obama Lying to Them

The media loves to come up with catchphrases that boil down who they are and how things operate in the world of politics. Phrases such as, “It’s the cover up, not the crime,” or, “It’s the lie that gets you.” Both of these statements have always proven true, at least for every Republican under the sun, but most certainly not for Barack Obama.

According to Obama’s chief Palace Guard, Ben Smith, biographer David Maraniss has uncovered at least 38 lies in Obama’s biographical accounts of himself. Moreover, since New Media started vetting Obama this year, two other epic whoppers told by the President have been discovered: Bill Ayers was not:

This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who is a professor of English … He is not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.



We’ve also learned that Barack Obama was a MEMBER of the New Party, which completely contradicts what his campaign told the media in 2008.

And yet, as we have already see, the media doesn’t at all care about being lied to. The unspoken excuse they’re using to sweep 40 lies under the rug is, “Well, this is about the past.” And yet…

Although they proved fake, “newly discovered” documents from then-President Bush’s time in the Texas Air National Guard threatened to consume his reelection bid. Why? Because the phony documents made it look as though Bush had lied about his time there — decades ago.

And let us never forget the unrelenting fact-checking surrounding Sarah Palin’s autobiography, which was released long after the 2008  election.

But Obama can lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and, other than making an obligatory effort to report it, the President pays no price for lying, not even when looking the media straight in the eye while doing so.

Not a single mainstream journalist today is doing what we know ALL of them would do if Obama were a Republican: exactly what they attempted to do to Marco Rubio.

First off, the media would be outraged and indignant over being lied to. And what would follow is a perfect narrative storm that would demand Obama either correct the record, prove his assertions, or bridge these factual discrepancies.

On a daily basis, press briefings would become Thunderdome, as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was inundated with demands that the President come clean and clear the record. And you can bet the cable networks would be filled with stories and talking heads explaining to us why this is relevant in 2012.

Because it is relevant. Obama wasn’t a child when “Dreams From My Father” was published. He was 35- years-old. And he certainly wasn’t a child in 2008 when he downplayed his relationship with Ayers — he was a sitting United States Senator and serious candidate for the Presidency. Same with when his campaign told the media Obama was never a member of the New Party.

But if it helps Obama stay in power, the media likes being lied to by Barack Obama, which is why he will never be held accountable or forced to pay a political price for the truths that have been uncovered over the past few months.

The media is worse than a bunch of corrupt sycophants.

It is an institution that wants to be used.


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