Politico Reporter Rips Southern City as Anti-Gay

Politico Reporter Rips Southern City as Anti-Gay

Alexander Burns is another of Politico’s leftists disguising himself as objective. Along with Maggie Haberman, he runs “Haberman and Burns,” an online Politico column most famous for doing disgusting oppo-research for Obama against private citizens who appear in Mitt Romney ads.

Today, with no irony whatsoever, after news was released that CNN’s Anderson Cooper finally admitted he’s gay, Burns assumed that if “this day will get stupid” through an “attack” against Cooper, it’s going to come from the South — Tupelo, Mississippi, specifically.


You know, because assuming a certain segment of the population will say something stupid based solely on where they live isn’t at all bigoted.

It’s also possible “objective journalist” Burns was simply defaming the Tupelo-based American Family Association (AFA), a 501 (c3) non-profit organization widely respected among prominent conservatives with a mission statement that could only earn the animus of a snide leftist:

The mission of the American Family Association is to inform, equip, and activate individuals to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture, and give aid to the church here and abroad in its task of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Not everyone agrees with every stance the AFA makes, and that would include me. But what kind of “unbiased” and “objective” journalist uses the term “stupid” and “attack” to criticize an entire city or a pro-family, Christian organization which, based on its mainstream faith, takes issue with the promoting of homosexuality?

Homosexuals have nothing to fear from Southerners or the AFA. Nor do they have anything to fear from the huge swaths of blacks and Hispanics in the liberal state of California who voted against same-sex marriage.

Militant Muslims, however, are another matter.

But in our upside down media world, I’m the bigot for speaking a truth Burns probably never would.

By the way, Burns is something of a rising star at Politico. Naturally, he can be seen  on the far left, race-baiting MSNBC — an organization actually guilty of fraud, and of attacking certain religions and races (watch Martin Bashir wholeheartedly agree with Politico’s former White House Correspondent that Romney’s only comfortable among white people).

But since MSNBC gives Burns a platform to pretend he’s an objective journalist as he Palace-Guards for Obama, he would never declare what they do as stupid or as an attack.

Oh, and here’s a clip of Burns shilling for Obama on MSNBC, refusing to state the indisputable fact that Romney did not outsource jobs at Bain.


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