LA Times: GOP Showed Off Minorities for the Cameras

LA Times: GOP Showed Off Minorities for the Cameras

The Los Angeles Times’s David Horsey accuses the GOP of tokenism in an article titled “Republican National Convention puts a brown face on a white party.” 

Horsey first alleges Tuesday night’s speakers are unrepresentative of the party as a whole:

Until Ann Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stepped into the primetime spotlight Tuesday night, the stage at the Republican National Convention was dominated by a parade of racial and ethnic minorities. The same could not be said about the delegates in the hall. As the United States has become an increasingly more diverse country, the Republican Party has maintained a distinctly pale hue.Still, the party can boast a number of black and Hispanic elected officials — and a bunch of them were put in front of the TV cameras on the opening night of the Tampa confab. 

And then the racial insults begin.

The top prize in the how-many-minorities-can-we-pack-behind-a-microphone sweepstakes goes to whoever booked Artur Davis, the black ex-Democratic congressman who seconded Barack Obama’s nomination four years ago. 

Further, Horsey insinuates that what “Republicans truly believe” is a deluded carrot-and-stick maneuver:

Republicans truly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and that the best thing a poor Latino or an underemployed African American can do to better his or her condition is to vote for a party that intends to let rich people keep more of their money. Showing off all those non-Caucasian officeholders is a way of saying to skeptical minority voters, “These guys have chosen the Republican path and just look where it has gotten them!”

Finally, Horsey’s article is illustrated by this cartoon:

The left-wing media has reached new low after new low in its racial goading of the Republican National Convention. David Horsey is the latest mind reader claiming the diversity of the Republican party, reflected in its democratically-elected leaders, is somehow illegitimate or cynical.

Headline image: KCTS 9


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