**Shock** Yahoo's Chalian on ABC Webcast: Romneys 'Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown'

**Shock** Yahoo's Chalian on ABC Webcast: Romneys 'Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown'

***UPDATE: Yahoo just announced they have terminated Chalian effective immediately.

ABC News reached out to Breitbart News to name the man heard mocking the Romneys during this ABC News livecast: David Chalian (pictured) of Yahoo! News. Chalian is a former political director with ABC News, but according to ABC News has no association with the network now. The headline has been changed to reflect this update, as has the story itself.


Here’s a look at the black, bitter, bitter, ugly and biased souls of our corrupt media during ABC News’ live-feed coverage yesterday. The moment in question occurs in the first ten seconds. Listen closely to the video  below:

This is who the media is. This is what Romney and all Republicans are up against. In what atmosphere does a so-called reporter feel comfortable firing off this kind of vicious joke?

Well, the answer is easy: In an atmosphere where you’re surrounded in a bubble by elite, ignorant, hate-mongering, ideologically-bigoted leftists just like yourself.

The media cannot be reasoned with nor can a peace be brokered.

We must defeat these people because that’s what they intend to do to us. When you believe our nominee is happy to party while black people drown, you can only believe that we possess no humanity. You can’t reason with people who hate you. You just can’t.

ADDED: This is a sample of the media’s awful, racialist behavior towards Mitt Romney. Believe me, there’s plenty more. Here’s our rundown of yesterday’s media coverage of the convention; it’s a tale of bias and race-baiting. Here’s the story of how NBC News’s Chief White House Correspondent, Chuck Todd, race-baited while live on the air yesterday. Incredible stuff.

How are conservatives supposed to business with a media that considers them evil?


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