WaPo Lays Down Cover For Obama's Apology

WaPo Lays Down Cover For Obama's Apology

The Washington Post is criticizing Gov. Mitt Romney’s respect for freedom of speech in an effort to distract attention from Obama’s quick apology to the attackers in Egypt.

Case in point: Today the WaPo editorial board opined: “Mr. Romney claimed the administration had delivered an ‘apology for America’s values.’ [When] in fact, it had done no such thing: Religious tolerance, as much as freedom of speech, is a core American value.”

In other words, Religious tolerance and freedom of speech are both American values, but when the chips are down (or when Obama’s running for re-election), it’s okay to defend one of them at the expense of the other, which means apologizing for those who used their free speech to “hurt the religious feelings of Muslims” isn’t the same thing as apologizing for American values.

Of course, this claim overlooks the fact that freedom of speech not only covers speech people want to hear, but also speech many people may never want to hear. In this way, freedom of speech goes to the very foundations of freedom itself.

Romney was 100% correct. Obama’s apology was “an apology for America’s values.” Moreover, it was an apology for freedom.


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