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**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

Because the corrupt media is so breathtakingly corrupt in its push to reelect a failed president, Big Journalism needs a running live blog. Please help us in our quest to capture the breadth and scope of this corruption by forwarding your tips to or Twitter me @NolteNC.

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Defends Obama From ‘Redistribution’ Charge Because Rich Getting Richer

My gawd, Wolf Blitzer is a shockingly stupid left-wing talking point machine. He’s calling the ‘redistribution’ charge false because under Obama the stock market has surged and poverty’s increased.

Well, duh, you walking dolt — that’s what socialism is: everyone equally poor and dependent on the government and an elite few (like Blitzer and Obama) living the high life.

“Redistribution” doesn’t close the gap between rich and poor, it puts millions more on the government dole and keeps them there.

Lying moron.


Awesome: Romney Camp Uses Politico To Describe 47 Percent Video as ‘Debunked …  Selectively Edited’

From an email received this afternoon from Team Romney:

Please see the Romney campaign’s response to latest false attacks from the Obama campaign. …

Today, The Obama Campaign Leveled False Attacks Against Mitt Romney Based On A Debunked And Selectively Edited Video:

Today, Obama Campaign Spokesperson Ben LaBolt Attacked Mitt Romney Based On A Debunked Mother Jones Tape. OBAMA CAMPAIGN SPOKESMAN BEN LABOLT: “You heard on the tapes released this week that it’s Mitt Romney who would walk away from the peace process.” (MSNBC, 9/19/12)

But This Morning, Politico Reported That The Mother Jones Video Was Selectively Edited To Give A False Impression About Mitt Romney’s Views On The Middle East Peace Process. “But the clip initially provided by Mother Jones does not include that part of his remarks, and therefore was not reported by the aforementioned news outlets. Romney’s complete remarks about the Mideast peace process were included in the complete video Mother Jones published Tuesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after it released clips from the fundraiser. But the clip posted to the Mother Jones website, which was cited by the national media, cuts out the excerpt in which Romney says that ‘American strength, American resolve’ will cause the Palestinians to ‘some day reach the point where they want peace more than we’re trying to force peace on them.'” (Dylan Byers, “Technically, Romney Said Peace Was Possible,”Politico, 9/19/12)

Will the media report this fact? They’re still obsessing over the video but no one is mentioning what Politico reports here or the missing minutes or the fact that “Mother Jones” lied about posting the full unedited video.


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s Idea Of a Balanced Debate: David Frum, Donna Brazile Hammering Romney

Bringing David Frim on is worse than bringing on another Democrat. Blitzer knows this and so does CNN. Because Frum spews his poison from a chyron that reads “Republican…”

Being used like this is, of course, David Frum’s entire business plan.


Media Fail: Gallup Shows ’47 Percent’ Comments Close to Wash With Independent Voters

The latest silver bullet manufactured by the media isn’t looking all that silver:

Americans have a more negative than positive immediate reaction to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s comments, secretly caught on video, about the 47% of Americans whom he said are Obama supporters and dependent on the government. Thirty-six percent of voters say Romney’s comments make them less likely to vote for him, while 20% say the remarks make them more likely to vote for him, and 43% say the comments won’t make a difference.

The corrupt media will spin this as *gasp* 36% say less likely to vote for Romney, only 20% say more likely. But when you look at the Big Picture, this just isn’t resonating. Most voters are responding with a shrug which means that in the long run, like most moment slike this, it will be a blip by the time election day rolls around.


75% of CNBC Readers Agree With Romney’s Comments About the 47%

Not scientific but still interesting.


Politico Editor-In-Chief John Harris Tells MSNBC Romney Would Agree With Obama’s Redistribution Comments

Corrupt media institutions like Politico and BuzzFeed are working overtime to wrist-flick and nothing-to-see-here Obama’s revealing 1998 video where he gushes over redistributing money from producers to deadbeats.

This is how they control the explosion of stories they don’t want to explode: they shrug and ask what the big deal is.

On CNN, the execrable Carol Costello nothing-to-see-here’d the video this morning by saying it was a desperate attempt by Romney to resurrect Joe the Plumber. *yawn* desperate *yawn* been there, done that *yawn* 

Also, by wrist-flicking the Obama video, the corrupt media justifies not giving it the coverage it demands, you know, as we enter day ten of media hysteria over two supposed Romney gaffes as the Middle East burns and our ambassadors are targeted and the White House lies about warnings and movies…


Approval Rating of Political Pundits Sits at 21%

Now wonder self-serving liars and phonies like Mark Halperin can’t take Romney out.


Late-Late Morning Edition: Polls the ObamaMedia Ignore

Swing States Obama won by seven points in 2008: Romney 47, Obama 46.


BREAKING: Politico Front Page Frozen For Tenth Day In Row

For ten days now, Politico has been running this exact same story as its lead. And yet…

Romney’s narrowed his lead with Obama over the past ten days. So there must be some kind of tech glitch over there. And no doubt, once that glitch is remedied, we’ll be reading Politico leads about Romney’s extraordinary resiliency.


Late Morning Edition: Polls ObamaMedia Will Ignore — Romney Up 3 in NH

Rasmussen: Romney 48, Obama 45

-Thanks to tipster David!


‘CBS Morning Show’ Mocks Own Reporter to Push ‘Romney Can’t Win’ Meme

From an awesome tipster:

The first 10 minutes of CBS’s morning show (starts at 7 a.m.) was a better than usual example of how the media set up their preferred narrative. Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell and Bob Schieffer spent the first 10 minutes of the show shaking their heads marveling at how this 47% story just won’t go away, how it is all anyone is talking about, and how devastating it is to Romney. To prove this, Rose holds up 3 different newspapers and the topic is a big headline on each.

In other words, since all our liberal friends in the press are still pushing this story it just proves how important it is and how it is “all the talk.” And see, we are opening the show with it and spending 10 minutes talking about it.

They had one reporter in the segment who said the Romney camp is confident, not backing down, that they believe they have the money and time to make their case between now and the election. Then Bob Schieffer followed up dismissing/almost ridiculing what their own reporter just said talking about what bad shape the campaign is in, they have never seen anything quite like the Romney “secret video” and, doncha’ know, Peggy Noonan says the campaign is in chaos. It must be true!

I may be getting things scrambled a bit, but that is a close summary.

If they talked about the fact that the first US ambassador in over 30 years was assassinated and we had advance warning and that was on Obama’s watch, or that Obama could not meet with Netanyahu, but had time to hobnob with Letterman, Beyonce and Jay-Z I didn’t hear it because I had to leave for work.

I am sure that was their next topic of discussion though, since that is what all the people I know out here in a red state are talking about.


Morning Edition: Polls the Media Will Ignore

AP: Obama 47, Romney 46

Ed Morrissey crunches the numbers:

Let’s compare these demographics to 2008. Obama won women by 13 in his last election but also edged McCain by one among men for a total gender-gap advantage of +14. The AP/GfK poll has him at a +3. The age demographics don’t exactly match up with 2008′s exit polls, but Obama won the 18-29YO vote by 34 points (66/32) and 30-44YOs by six, 52/46. Obama has lost ground here, and that’s before we talk about turnout and enthusiasm. Also, Obama only lost seniors by eight in 2008, and he’s performing slightly worse in 2012, down 11.

What about the sample? It looks surprisingly fair, at least among likely voters. The D/R/I without leaners is 31/30/30 (with 8% refusing to identify), an undersampling of both Democrats and Republicans. That was a big improvement from the 31/22/40 from the overall sample, which produced a ridiculous 52/37 Obama lead among all adults.

These kinds of numbers are why the White House and the media pulled the trigger early on the 47% video. After a barrage last week, Romney was still climbing back. To blunt his momentum and to take the spotlight off the news that we were warned in advance of the attacks in Libya, the media was desperate for something to distract and the Obama campaign gave it to them.

I still believe this video was meant to be the October Surprise.


CNN More Excited Over ‘Was Jesus Married?’ Than Obama’s Affection for Redistribution

The appallingly sanctimonious Carol Costello is all over a new discovery that purports to prove Jesus was married and therefore not the Son of God and, you know, Christianity is a big hoax.

Quite remarkably, at least according to what I’ve seen, CNN and the execrable Costello are giving this more play than audio of the President of the United States gushing over redistribution.

Anyone feel like rioting?

Not me.

I’ll just pray for them — which is an act that offends the corrupt media more than actual rioting.

Maybe I’ll blame my praying on a movie.


Media Desperate to Create Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Race Is Over

Contrary to the fact that the Real Clear Politics poll of polls shows Romney closing the gap to just 2.6% between himself and President Obama, and doing so during the course of a brutal ten days served up by the corrupt media, this very same corrupt media is desperate to create the impression that the presidential race is over. 

Watching the coverage on the cable nets and at places like the corrupt Politico is watching a propaganda machine turned up to 11.

There’s no mention of the fact that Romney is closing this gap, nor is there any mention of the fact that Obama’s approval numbers when it comes to foreign policy are plummeting.

This isn’t a disconnect, though, this is propaganda. These people aren’t out of touch, they are propagandists.  


Polls Show Grand Canyon Between Media and the Public

If you were a space alien who only had access to the mainstream media, you would be certain Romney was losing this race 58 – 37. Instead, according to the two most reliable pollsters in the country (Gallup and Rasmussen), we have a tied race with Obama up in one poll and Romney up in the other.

Why such a disconnect?

First off, the media is no different than the DNC. Their job isn’t to inform but to propagandize in order to ensure Obama wins reelection. So it’s their job to attempt to depress Republicans and turn Obama’s inevitability into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The only thing is that it’s not working.

What’s happening is that while the media obsesses over process (the campaigns), the people are watching the campaigns and how Obama governs. We know this is true because last week should’ve been disastrous for Romney. After he rightfully criticized the Obama Administration for the Cairo embassy apology, the media went into a week-long tantrum — not because they were really upset with Romney but because they needed something to distract from Obama’s Middle East policy melting down. But…

While this manufactured media-distraction was in full fury, Obama lost his post-convention bounce in the Gallup poll  — a full six point drop. This means people aren’t as manipulated by the media as they once were. Instead of being led by the nose, voters are actually concerned with Obama’s governance.

New Media plays a large part of this. We’re the only ones telling the tale of Libya, the economy, and what’s happening above and beyond the process of the campaign — which the media skews: The “What about your gaaaaaffes” media is constantly manufacturing tripwires to trip Romney up so they can declare him tripped up.

To a point this is working. There’s no question the corrupt media has some effect on the polls and Romney does need to find a way to rise above the media and to do it soon. But he and we should be heartened by the fact that if you look at the polling, as of last week, it was moving the complete opposite direction of the corrupt media’s narrative.




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