Sununu Demolishes Andrea Mitchell With Her Own Obama Talking Points

Sununu Demolishes Andrea Mitchell With Her Own Obama Talking Points

Last night’s celebration of Governor Mitt Romney’s smashing debate victory over President FailureTeleprompter has moved right into today as the corrupt media’s attempts to take the focus off of Their Precious One’s brutal loss by beating Romney up with corrupt fact-checkers and a supposed “lack of specifics.”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell grabbed hold of the Obama talking points this morning and attempted to hit Obama surrogate John Sununu with them. The result was the second epic loss for the left in as many days.

You can savor the clip below:

…and the corrupt media claims calling a lazy president lazy is racist in 5… 4… 3…

The hustle the media’s working here is in the attempt to weaponize the specifics they need to beat Romney to death with. And keep in mind that this is the very same media that got all leg tingley over that detailed two-point 2008 plan Obama liked to call “hoping” and “changing.”

Romney is exactly right to run on principal without offering up the kind of specifics that Congress will declare dead on arrival. You need room to negotiate. That’s how things get done. In 1980, Reagan didn’t offer up specifics and that seemed to turn out pretty well.

It’s just a fact that we don’t vote for presidents based on the wonk; we vote for them based on ideas, ideals, vision, character, and principle.

Furthermore, no one’s asking the all-time loser of last night’s debate for more details. But that may be because we already know the “details.”

After all, Obama’s only promising more of the same of what failed so miserably these last four years.


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