Media Memory-Holes 'Favorability' Now That Romney Bests Obama

Media Memory-Holes 'Favorability' Now That Romney Bests Obama

Again and again and again, what you always see from our corrupt media is that as soon as one of their Corrupt Narratives turns against them — all of a sudden that Corrupt Narrative suddenly vanishes from the media dialogue. For months, all we heard from our Narrative Gatekeepers was favorability, favorability, favorability. And why? Because it helped Obama.

Obama’s entire reelection campaign is based on disqualifying Mitt Romney and likability (same as favorability) has a lot to do with that. People won’t vote for someone they dislike and Romney’s early struggle in this area gave the media an excuse to hammer Romney over his inability to connect with everyday voters — which says he’s running a bad campaign — which says he’s a bad administrator — which says he’s not qualified to be president.

See how this works?

The corrupt media also used the Favorability Narrative to boost Obama. With all of his job performance numbers underwater or below fifty, the media could obsess over how people (voters) never fire (vote against) someone they like. Inevitability remains a vital part of Obama and the media’s reelection game plan.

But we don’t hear a whole lot about favorability anymore, do we?

Why is that?

Here’s why:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has finally cleared what many aides have long seen as his biggest hurdle: A majority of voters now like him.

According to multiple polls, Romney’s favorability rating has surged since the Republican National Convention and in most he equals or bests President Obama’s favorables.

 It’s not just that Romney’s favorability numbers have surged, he’s also beating Obama in Gallup, the Daily Kos/PPP poll, Pew, and the RCP poll of polls.

The corrupt media makes a huge deal about how poorly Romney is doing on “favorability” but then memory-holes the issue when it’s no longer beneficial to Obama.

Now, a real “news” organization that was actually interested in “news” would consider it “news” that a presidential candidate surged ahead in an area these “news” organizations had put so much focus on and had claimed was so important, correct?

But we’re not dealing with “news” organizations, we’re dealing with left-wing propaganda outlets.

Nothing more, nothing less.


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