Desperation: Obama Super PAC Leaks 'Internal Polls' to Left-wing Politico

Desperation: Obama Super PAC Leaks 'Internal Polls' to Left-wing Politico

There are all kinds of reputable pollsters whose results never seem to get anyone at the corrupt Politico excited enough to launch a headline — this includes Scott Rasmussen. But man alive, the corrupt Politico sure does love them some left-wing pollsters, especially PPP, which is associated with the Daily Kos and SEIU. You would think that would be bad enough, but the corrupt Politico just hit a new low by disguising as serious news an affirmation of strategically leaked internal polling from the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA.

Even though Scott Rasmussen has a brand new poll today showing Romney up 50-48 in Ohio, you won’t read about that at Politico’s Burns and Haberman blog. You will find this propaganda, though:

Priorities USA senior strategist Bill Burton emailed donors today with an upbeat message: Barack Obama’s leading internal polling conducted for the super PAC across the swing states.

We posted yesterday on a Priorities poll showing Obama ahead in the state of Virginia. Burton’s message alludes to that poll but gives this longer readout on the group’s data:

1. The President is holding narrow but steady leads in Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. The race is a dead heat in both Florida and Iowa, with the President leading in each state by a single point.

2. For those who have voted early, he is leading by double digits — in Ohio, the margin is 2-1. …

This is only a partial look at the group’s data, of course — there aren’t even top lines or margins of error for us to examine.

But this matches up with what I’ve heard from Democrats around the group in recent days, as well as the Obama campaign.

So not only is Alexander Burns (you remember him) cutting and pasting propaganda onto the pages of Politico, he’s also reassuring his readers that the propaganda matches up to what others in the Obama campaign are telling him — you know, on the side — so it’s probably true. So take heart, Democrats, and don’t forget to vote!

First off, what else is a super PAC going to say in a fundraising email? Secondly, what else is the Obama campaign going to tell their shills in the media — that they’re losing?

Just today, David Axelrod held a conference call with the media, and according to our own reporting, was extremely defensive and desperate to reassure reporters they’re not losing — even as they send Bill Clinton to Minnesota, and Joe Biden and a huge ad buy to Pennsylvania. So ludicrous was Axelrod’s spin, reporters were told on the call that North Carolina is a dead heat.

Apparently, though, Burns is under the impression that while the Obama campaign lies to everyone else about almost absolutely everything, in private, they tell only him the truth. And shock of shocks, what’s whispered in his ear just happens to perfectly match up with the poll numbers in a fundraising plea sent out by  a proud hack like Bill Burton.

If I were a political cartoonist, I’d put Burns on his knees in The Church Of Obama with Axelrod dressed as a priest serving him a wafer made of bull shit.


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