Good Boy: Obama Lets Obedient Media Know Their Place After Election

Good Boy: Obama Lets Obedient Media Know Their Place After Election

BuzzFeed Politics was forced on Friday to ask the question that all tween girls find themselves pondering about their first crush: why won’t he talk to me?

Andrew Kaczynski seemed confused and distraught that President Obama issued a statement without taking any questions in his first press conference since Tuesday’s election. It was the first time an incumbent president has refused to answer questions from reporters after winning reelection in over two decades.

Maybe BuzzFeed Politics would’ve been less surprised by this turn of events if they were actually doing the work of real journalists instead of acting like unpaid members of the Obama reelection campaign for the past year; President Obama’s propensity for avoiding questions from the White House Press Corps has been well documented.

The Establishment Media as a whole has avoided asking President Obama any tough questions that would have jeopardized his election campaign. They’ve ignored issues like Operation Fast & Furious, WH intelligence leaks, security issues at the American consulate in Benghazi, deteriorating US-Israeli relations, and the unrelenting, crushing unemployment and abysmal job numbers that Americans are still suffering under. 

Outside a handful of reporters who have gone off-script (and faced scorn from both the administration and their peers for it), the past year demonstrated that so many in the news media apparently dreamed of growing up to be lapdogs of the powerful in their starry-eyed youth, not journalists.

Now that Obama’s second term has been secured, it appears that the Old Media believed Obama would reward their obedience and diligence in protecting him by actually treating them like the noble Fourth Estate they believe they are. In his first appearance before them, Obama told them to pound sand. He never needs to worry about his approval ratings or to campaign for office ever again.

He doesn’t need them anymore.

Andrew, believe me when I tell you that we’re not sorry to say, “We told you so.” Enjoy the next four years.


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