Bob Costas Exploits NFL Murder/Suicide to Take Our Guns

Bob Costas Exploits NFL Murder/Suicide to Take Our Guns

We saw it after that terrible movie theatre shooting in Colorado back in July, and now we’re seeing it with the tragic murder/suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher. Damn logic, damn facts, damn waiting for a little something known as an investigation — we have a tragedy, we have a gun, and now we have yet another opportunity to push an agenda meant to strip Americans of their God-given Second Amendment rights.

Last night during NBC’s NFL telecast, Bob Costas did something the NFL has always been very good about avoiding — inserting politics into what Americans of all political stripes see as one of the few remaining escapes from the divisive partisanship that seems to infect everything these days. Taking advantage of a captive halftime audience, Costas sucker punched millions with a left-wing sermon about gun control. The fact that Costas does this while God Bless America can be heard in the background is not an irony that should be lost on anyone:

We all know the logical arguments against Costas’ illogical stupidity…

If you’re determined enough to murder your girlfriend and commit suicide, you don’t need a gun to murder your girlfriend and commit suicide.

Maybe if the girlfriend had a gun she’d be alive today.

Just like prohibition can’t stop people who want drugs from getting drugs, all anti-gun laws do is ensure that the law-abiding are at a disadvantage against criminals who know their victims are unarmed.

Every day people in this country are killed at the hands of cars, knives, and alcohol. No one on the left wants to ban or put waiting periods and harsh restrictions on any of those. Every day people in this country die due to illegal drug use and illicit sex — two kinds of behavior many on the left glamorize and encourage through popular culture and bowing before the likes of Sandra Fluke.

But our guns they want; and they want them so badly that literally before the bodies at the scene of some awful tragedy have had time to cool, the likes of an NBC, Bob Costas or Piers Morgan refuse to wait to exploit murder and loss and grief with their illogical, unconstitutional, and un-American emotional appeals aimed at the only line of defense between tyranny, anarchy, and personal safety — an armed citizenry.

Leftists like Costas and Piers don’t give a damn about the dead or those grieving the dead. And they surely don’t care about saving lives, or they would be just as strident and insufferable when it came to alcohol and illicit sex. This debate has only and ever been about control.

Guns represent, and, most importantly, defend that one thing Leftists just can’t stand: American individualism. Somewhere in the left’s DNA is a gene that works like a warning signal that goes off every time something gets in the way of or comes off as a threat against The Hive. You can’t completely control someone holding a gun, therefore guns must be bad.

Like every other Leftist who has and will exploit this awful tragedy, Costas doesn’t want to save lives, he wants to control us — he wants to strip us of the liberty he finds so messy and troubling. If that’s not it, where are the half-time speeches every time a gun saves the life of a would-be victim? Where are the insufferably smug editorials with every study released that proves fewer violent crimes occur in communities where the bad guys know the citizens are more likely to be armed?

Personally, I hate guns — probably more than most leftists do. I hate holding, owning, firing and having guns in the house. But I do have them in the house. Because I understand that something worse than owning a gun is being confronted in the middle of the night with someone who does, and that my responsibility to protect my wife isn’t all about my own precious, selfish, delicate little personal issues.

I also understand that it’s good for my government to know I’m armed with more than just the Constitution.

I don’t know what drove Jovan Belcher to do what he did Saturday morning. But I do know that if he was prompted or motivated by something the left holds sacred, Costas and his ilk will never speak of it.


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