Chris Cuomo Stuns 'View': 'You Should Have Armed Security in Schools'

Chris Cuomo Stuns 'View':  'You Should Have Armed Security in Schools'

Though he’s not dismissing the idea of gun control, ABC News’s Chris Cuomo is someone in the media willing to look beyond gun control for other pro-active solutions to these mass shootings — like posting armed guards at our schools and taking a look at the policies that make it so difficult to incarcerate the mentally ill.

I kid you not, in the wake of this awful Connecticut school shooting, the most open-minded, intellectually honest, all-of-the-above discussion I’ve heard yet, happened this morning on “The View”:

CHRIS CUOMO: Here’s what we know; we want this not to happen again. We’re aching for that. It’s literally heart-rending. We can do that.


CUOMO: You should have armed security in schools. I don’t like the idea; I don’t want my kids to be afraid when they go to school. But in the places that have done that [provided armed security], this doesn’t happen. …

WALTERS: So you’re saying that every school should have security guards or police with guns?

CUOMO: Look, who cares what I say, I’m telling you this: The only time it is stopped before there’s a massacre is if there is someone in place to stop it. We know that.

Cuomo then goes on to mention how security procedural changes after September 11 have worked at making us safer and preventing another attack.

After Joy Behar argues that we can’t post armed security everywhere, Cuomo assures here we can’t get paranoid and expect to be everywhere, but…

…You’re not powerless about this. If you want to know why this happens, it’s not just because of the gun. It would be nice if there were no guns. It would be nice if there were a lot of things. It’s not going to happen. Not in America, it’s not going to happen.

Cuomo then goes on to explain that we’ll never solve this problem by attempting to crack the shooter’s sick mind.

Cuomo closed the segment by making a very interesting point about how difficult it is to incarcerate and monitor the mentally ill:

In 1970, one in every one-hundred people in the United States was in asylum. We didn’t like it, we changed the laws. Now within 72 hours of putting someone into incarceration, you have to prove that they are a danger to themselves or somebody else. It’s a very high standard. 9 out of 10 times they are released and you have a situation where someone who is unmonitored.

Bravo, Mr. Cuomo.

This is exactly the kind of discussion our media should be having. Instead, all we’ve seen, especially from CNN, is an assault on any ideas that don’t involve restricting our 2nd Amendment civil rights.


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