Media Matters' Boehlert Mocks Bob Woodward's Age

Media Matters' Boehlert Mocks Bob Woodward's Age

The quickest way to lose favor with Media Matters for America, the Soros-backed 501(c)(3) left-wing media enforcement group, is to do anything that might politically damage Barack Obama. Not long ago, Media Matters’ Senior Fellow Eric Boehlert was pleading with Bob Woodward to save journalism.

Today, though, because Woodward’s reporting has uncovered facts inconvenient to Obama’s sequester narrative, Boehlert is publicly mocking Woodward as “funny” and “sad” because he “doesn’t seem to understand” sequester. Boehlert then takes a direct shot at Woodward’s age with this parting shot: “time to retire.”

For the record, Woodward is only 69.

What’s especially interesting about Boehlert’s attack on the poor, sad, funny Woodward who doesn’t understand sequester, is that just 10 days ago Media Matters was applauding Woodward’s reporting on, yes, sequester.

Boehlert’s tactics are obvious. He wants to marginalize Woodward and his reporting out of the fear that Obama might actually be held responsible for a law he proposed, got passed, and signed into law. The message to the media — and the media does love them some Media Matters — is don’t listen to the senile old fool.

Awful people.


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