Politico: NRA's Total Defeat of Obama, Media Likely

Politico: NRA's Total Defeat of Obama, Media Likely

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic Newtown murders, Obama and His Media joined forces to exploit the deaths of innocent children for all it was worth — with a series of laws that would have done absolutely nothing to stop the very crime they were exploiting. This naked political move to leverage the murder of innocents as an excuse to attack the National Rifle Association and gun owners, who live predominantly in red states, is about as cynical and craven as it gets.

According to Politico, though, all this soul selling is likely to come to nothing. Politico reports on Tuesday that the gun control bill Obama, liberal Democrats, Piers Morgan, Chuck Todd, and all of CNN want so desperately to pass “has little if any, chance of passing this Congress – it’s struggling in the Senate and facing outright rejection in the House.”

Obama and His Media kept moving the goal posts for victory until they reached a point where assault weapons and the size of magazine clips were completely off the table. All that remains today is a small tightening of background checks. That doesn’t mean, though, that victory wouldn’t still be declared and Obama celebrated as Caesar back from the wars. But even that piece of practically-nothing looks unlikely to pass — in part, because of three Senate Democrats who, as of now, are unwilling to support it.

But even if the Toomey-Manchin compromise passes in the Senate (which is unlikely), Politico writes, “the House is certain to rewrite the bill – or discard it altogether.”

How craven were the media’s politics during all of this? So craven that when the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre suggested we guard school children from gun-carrying maniacs, the media publicly ridiculed him. My god, the media was despicable. And driven only by a seething hatred and bigotry towards a culture they have never bothered to try to understand.  

Personally, I am in favor of tightening background checks and would probably vote for the Toomey-Manchin compromise were I a United States Senator. But that does not make me blind to the media’s appalling behavior in this crusade — the coordinated Narratives, the release of polls to back the coordinated Narratives, the open propagandizing, the marginalizing and ignoring of reasonable opposition voices…

And while I would personally prefer to see a reasonable law tightening these background checks pass, if it does die, I intend to enjoy every moment of bitter disappointment I see on the faces of Chuck Todd, Piers Morgan, and their corrupt colleagues.

And maybe, just maybe, had Obama and the media not used the Newtown massacre as an excuse to launch yet-another culture war against the right, something good might have come from this.


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