Schieffer Goes There: Benghazi 'Cover-Up'

Schieffer Goes There: Benghazi 'Cover-Up'

Bob Schieffer now carries the mantle of “elder statesman” at CBS News.  This is the vaunted position that was held by Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow. As electronic media goes, CBS News is the “Old Gray Lady” of the TV networks. When the seasoned veteran at the network makes a proclamation about a political story, it carries weight. 

Sunday on Face the Nation, Schieffer used this stature to raise the stakes on the unfolding scandal surrounding the State Department and the Obama White House. Schieffer used the “C-word”: Cover-up. (Video below) “Today, there is new information raising questions about whether there was a cover-up by the State Department to deflect criticism that it had ignored requests for more security for its people in Libya.”

The story has been analyzed, debated and discussed in the new media from the very beginning. Only a handful of traditional media reporters followed up on the Obama Administration’s mishandling of the Benghazi terror attacks and their blatantly political handling of the event so as to falsely bolster President Obama’s image as successfully defeating al Qaeda (remember when they were decimated and on the run?).

It should be amusing to see traditional media outlets finally deciding that the debacle that occurred in the aftermath of the Benghazi terror attacks is a story worthy of front page coverage. Surely they feel confident moving forward after receiving permission from Mr. Schieffer. 

Here in the new media, where we’ve been on the story since September 12, we’ll merely roll our eyes and say, “Welcome to the party, Bob.” 


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