Busted Again: Washington Post Stealth Edits Obama/Africa Story

Busted Again: Washington Post Stealth Edits Obama/Africa Story

For the second time in a week, The Washington Post has been caught editing a major story without noting publicly that the story has been changed. This is highly unethical, but apparently standard procedure at the once-legendary Post:

The Washington Post on Friday revised a story about President Barack Obama’s trip to Africa with no note to the reader about the changes.

The Post on Thursday reported the White House canceled Obama’s Tanzanian safari “following inquiries” from the paper “about the trip’s purpose and expense” — but the version online and in print on Friday offers a different take with no clarification or note that the story has been updated and changed.

In the first version, there’s a direct connection between the Post’s inquiries and the canceled safari — and in the updated version, that link is no longer directly made. Readers to the item, meanwhile, were not told that any information in the story had been revised. The story states “published: June 13,” but not that it was updated and revised.

Earlier this week, The Washington Post was caught stealth editing their big scoop about the government’s PRISM program.

If the Post is doing this so brazenly with its high-profile stories, it makes you wonder what sneaky behavior is going on in stories that don’t make national headlines.


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