Poll: Media Out of Touch on Voter ID Laws, 83% Approve

Poll: Media Out of Touch on Voter ID Laws, 83% Approve

Remember how, during the media’s failed months-long crusade to push for gun control, the GOP was under siege 24/7 from left-wingers like Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, and Wolf Blitzer armed with polls that showed 80% wanted background checks tightened, including a majority of Republicans?

Part of the media strategy (CNN turned their entire network over to the partisan cause) was relentless concern-trolling. The cries that the GOP was doomed if our 2nd Amendment rights weren’t further restricted came from every corner of MediaLand: “This is an 80-20 issue!”, was the talking point across every new outlet in America.

Well, guess what else is an 80-20 issue? Voter ID.

A McClatchy poll released Thursday shows that 83% of those polled believe laws requiring voters to “show identification in order to vote” is a “good thing.” Only 13% see it as a “bad thing.”

Moreover, a full 72% of Democrats see voter ID as a “good thing.”

In fact, 65% of those who see themselves as “very liberal” favor voter ID laws.

The media coverage of this issue, though, would have you believe the complete opposite is true as they fabricate a reality that claims Mississippi is still burning thanks to a GOP pushing for unpopular laws intended to disenfranchise blacks.

According to this poll, though, no one, not even self-identified Democrats, are buying the media’s cynical, partisan line of nonsense.

The media is obviously way out-of-touch on this issue, but because they are dishonest and abuse their power to shape realities that don’t exist; they can pretend black is white, up is down, and lies are truth.


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