Meghan McCain Loses Her Base — The Media

Meghan McCain Loses Her Base — The Media

When the media was terrified Governor Sarah Palin might run for president, Meghan McCain was useful. As the daughter of the man who chose Palin as his running mate in 2008, the fact that John McCain’s daughter is not very bright was a small price to pay. Ms. McCain was willing to slither into the spotlight by repeatedly stabbing Palin in the back, and that was all the media wanted. But like Cindy Sheehan and the homeless, now that McCain is no longer necessary to meet the media’s political goals, she has been discarded like used coffee grounds.

Ms. McCain used to be a regular on the cable news, and even had a column at the Daily Beast.

No more.

Today, McCain and her prancing narcissism can apparently be found on some obscure cable channel where she is the star of some obscure reality show. But not so obscure that her former left-wing media pals haven’t used the occasion to finally tell Meghan McCain what they really think of her:

The New Yorker:

There’s a random interview with the New York City Council member Inez Dickens, who reassures McCain that she’s a role model for young women. In a Town Car, Meghan and her brother discuss whether Cindy McCain is a feminist. “The greatest politician’s wife in the history of the free world,” Meghan intones. (“Mom and her stupid lemon chicken,” the brother mutters.) The episode concludes with McCain giving a speech to teen-agers; paranoically, she accuses a boy in the audience of looking bored. “I’m gonna fuckin’ call myself a feminist in the same way I’m gonna fuckin’ call myself a Republican,” she announces, with a plea for viewers to “continue the conversation.” No. Let it end.


Meghan McCain is the epitome of what it is to be not a millennial — a group of individuals of multifarious racial and class backgrounds — but the media perception of a millennial. The media wished that millennials, as a group, could be self-absorbed, entitled and unimaginative; Meghan McCain rose to the challenge.

Hopefully, the David Frums. Joe Scarboroughs, and their ilk are watching closely; because when the left no longer has any use for soul-sellers, they don’t even bother to leave money on the dresser.



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