27-Year-Old Breitbart Protégé Elevated to Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart News

27-Year-Old Breitbart Protégé Elevated to Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart News

On Thursday, Breitbart News Network LLC announced a shift in its masthead, with 27-year-old phenom and longtime Andrew Breitbart protégé Alexander Marlow moving to editor-in-chief of the explosively growing news network. The goal of the change is to allow a faster-moving system while simultaneously freeing up other assets to provide better and deeper content.

Breitbart.com’s readership has grown exponentially since its founding last year, ranking higher than The New York Post, Daily Beast, and The Atlantic, according to web traffic analytics firm Alexa.

Marlow was the first employee of Breitbart News and sat at Andrew Breitbart’s side from the time of the company’s founding in Andrew’s basement. A graduate of UC Berkeley, he is also on the Board of Governors for the National Journalism Center.

Wynton Hall, former visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, will take Marlow’s place as Managing Editor; Ezra Dulis will become Deputy Managing Editor. Joel Pollak, Ben Shapiro, and Peter Schweizer will become Senior Editors-at-Large in order to facilitate their delivery of content rather than focusing on personnel and management issues.

Stephen K. Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, said, “We have been blessed with tremendous growth and success over the past 18 months, and we have even more aggressive expansion plans for coverage in the future. We could not be more pleased that Alex Marlow will be at the helm as these plans materialize. Having a 24/7 editorial team focused on the site coupled with senior editors generating content allows us to continue Andrew’s legacy of waging ‘fights that matter.'”

“We brought in Alex Marlow while he was finishing up at UC Berkeley,” said Breitbart News Network CEO and President Larry Solov.  “What struck Andrew and me about him was a poise and wisdom one normally associates with someone much older. Andrew mentored him closely, and as a result, Alex developed a unique understanding of how the modern-day news cycle works and how Breitbart fits within that cycle. He has already been instrumental in the growth of the company and the development of the site’s voice. Transitioning Alex to his new role also frees up other resources, like Joel Pollak and Ben Shapiro, to focus all their time and energy on generating the kind of high-value content at which they excel and that we need to keep expanding and driving the news cycle. We are grateful to Joel for his hard work and diligence as Editor-in-Chief during a time of unprecedented growth and success for the Company. We look forward to his more expanded role as content generator.”

“I am excited by the opportunity to focus on my writing passion, and I look forward to bringing Breitbart readers more original reporting, analysis, and opinion from the frontiers of liberalism in California, and the ‘clash of civilizations’ in the Middle East,” said Joel Pollak. “I am proud to have led our team through the difficult transition since Andrew’s passing–a transition that fulfilled his plan to integrate the ‘Bigs’ into a competitive, conservative news network. I look forward to working with Alex Marlow, who knows Andrew’s mind better than anybody.”

Ben Shapiro said, “Alex has always been the secret moving force-making things work, then work better-at Breitbart. He’s the most powerful 27-year-old you’ve never heard of, having studied the news business at the feet – literally, the sock-clad feet – of Andrew Breitbart. He is meticulous, unflappable, and unshakeable in his commitment to the truth. And he’s a fighter of the highest order. Breitbart News could make no better move than elevating Alex, and I can’t wait for the next phase of Breitbart News’s growth to begin.”


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