CNN: ObamaCare Site Doomed, Riddled with Security Dangers

CNN: ObamaCare Site Doomed, Riddled with Security Dangers

Today,  on the CNN Money site, there is a terrific story about the problems surrounding the ObamaCare website. The story includes all kinds of new information from a host of experts, and most of the news is flat-out terrible: The half-billion dollar site needs to be rebuilt from scratch, the site has an unwieldy 500 million lines of computer code (it took just 500 thousand lines of code to send a rover to Mars), and that code is “riddled with security holes” that could result one of “the biggest breaches in American history[.]”

These same experts do not think there is any chance the site can be fixed by the end of this year. That would be catastrophic to the administration’s first-year enrollment goals and possibly force them into doing the unthinkable: suspending the individual mandate for a year.

Oddly enough, unless I’ve missed it, the CNN Money story is not getting any play on the CNN network or anywhere else.  

Well, the important thing is that CNN is on record dutifully reporting this news even if the network doesn’t think the news should get out. 


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