MSNBC, CNN Feud Over 'Breaking' Missing Flight Coverage

MSNBC, CNN Feud Over 'Breaking' Missing Flight Coverage

Friday morning, NBC’s Chuck Todd apparently took issue with CNN’s obsessive coverage of missing flight 370 and the network’s excessive use of a “Breaking News” banner when the news is no news:

Vaughn Sterling, senior producer of Wolf Blitzer’s “Situation Room,” fired back with a couple of MSNBC’s own non-news “Breaking” banners, including one during Todd’s own MSNBC show, “The Daily Rundown”:

Politico’s Dylan Byers seemed to be egging on the feud, which isn’t the most appropriate behavior when you are supposed to be covering media news, not facilitating the creation of it. In the middle of it, Byers fired off this bizarre tweet:

Fine, good on CNN for gotacha-ing Todd. But I monitor both networks 14 hours a day and while MSNBC hasn’t been perfect on the missing flight story, CNN jumped the shark a week ago. 


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