Obama Advisor to HuffPo on Obamacare Rollout: 'We Failed Him'

Obama Advisor to HuffPo on Obamacare Rollout: 'We Failed Him'

Gene Sperling, a former top economic advisor to President Obama, told the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein that one of his “most painful moments” while working in the White House was the technical debacle that was the launch of the ObamaCare exchanges. “We all failed him,” Sperling said.

There’s no question that that was a painful moment, one of the most painful moments, because the president had repeatedly said for two years that what mattered most to him is real people getting on the Internet site and being able to purchase health care in an easy way. … So it is my view that we all failed him. I’m very much against efforts by anyone to try to scapegoat specific or lower-level people. This was a failure by all of us who were in senior positions. And all we can do is all you can do is all you can ever do in life, which is move forward as best as you possible [sic] can.

The Huffington Post posted the story in this way:

With Obama’s economy in its fifth year of stagnation (and maybe now in a downturn), ObamaCare not signing up the very uninsured this massive government takeover was designed to help, and Obama’s lead-from-behind world in chaos, it might just be that the left-wing media and Obama’s own staff have decided to fabricate a “We Failed Him” narrative in an attempt to get Obama off the hook with history.

Of course, this is the least-worse spin one can come up with for a president who by every objective measurement has been a total failure. Rather than accept blame, it is apparently better to pretend Obama was helpless and never really in control.

Sperling spins the age-old yarn about Obama saving us from the near-Depression he inherited – but what President Ronald Reagan inherited in 1981 was just as bad. Both men enacted wildly opposing policies. Reagan’s policies ushered in a generation of unprecedented prosperity. Obama’s policies bounced like a dead cat.  

Sperling didn’t fail Obama. He and Obama failed tens of millions of Americans. One wonders if they even realize that, or care.


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