Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder: 'Vile' for Wall Street Journal to Call Movement Racist

Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder: 'Vile' for Wall Street Journal to Call Movement Racist

After the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial implying Tea Partiers were racists for opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants, the leader of a national Tea Party organization blasted the publication for maligning and stereotyping grassroots conservatives. 

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin told Breitbart News, “it’s sad and unfortunate that we’re seeing another rant from another person who is completely disconnected from grassroots conservatives and knows nothing about the Tea Party except what he hears on MSNBC.”

Martin was referring to columnist William Galston, who wrote that the Tea Party was a mob and “offers nothing except nostalgia for a demography that is in retreat and a Constitution that never was.” 

The Journal ran its own editorial implying the Tea Party was racist and nativist. But as Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak argued, the Journal neglected to mention that “its own favored candidate, moderate Mitt Romney,” used the term “self-deportation” while failing to acknowledge that the Tea Party has produced the most prominent Latino politicians in the country — from either party.” Galston also failed to acknowledge that some of the country’s most prominent female governors who are minorities — like South Carolina’s Nikki Haley and New Mexico’s Susanna Martinez — were elected by the Tea Party. 

Martin emphasized that her organization, Tea Party Patriots, “represents millions of Americans from every imaginable age, background, and walk of life.”

“To paint these people in such vile terms and with such a broad brush is something we’d expect from the Obama administration,” she added. “The core principles of Tea Party Patriots are simple; personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future for generations of Americans to come.”

Martin said these ideals “used to be part and parcel of a Republican Party that is straying from its roots, and we’re here to remind the establishment that there are millions of Americans who want principled, conservative leadership from their elected officials.”