Michael Bloomberg's Subtle Shift: 'Expanded Background Checks' Now 'Rational Background Checks'

Michael Bloomberg's Subtle Shift: 'Expanded Background Checks' Now 'Rational Background Checks'

On the May 18th airing of Face the Nation, Michael Bloomberg revealed a subtle shift in terminology by saying the NRA is trying to scare Congress into opposing “rational background checks.”

This statement came after host Bob Schieffer said, “You have announced plans to spend $50 million of your own money on a grassroots movement to combat violence.” Schieffer added, “These are your words: you say, ‘We need to make the National Rifle Association afraid of us.’ How are you going to do that?”

Bloomberg replied:

We need to make the Congress understand that the vast preponderance of the public does not want criminals, minors, or people with psychiatric problems to be able to buy guns. And we’ve got to make Congress understand that and vote that way. What the NRA is focused on is making Congress afraid of them in spite of the public wanting rational background checks for gun shows and internet sales.

On May 12 Breitbart News reported on a Media Research Center video debunking the myth that gun shows are lawless places where guns are recklessly sold to the mentally ill and others.

And on May 1 Breitbart News reported an overwhelming majority of independent voters side with the GOP on leaving gun laws as they are over the Democrat position of pushing for more.

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