Al Sharpton Is Barack Obama's New Jeremiah Wright

Al Sharpton Is Barack Obama's New Jeremiah Wright

According to Politico, Sharpton has become a key advisor to Obama on issues involving race.

Suddenly I miss Jeremiah Wright.

During the 2008 presidential election, when videos surfaced of Obama’s 20 year mentor screaming “God damn America!” and worse, then-Senator Barack Obama was forced to eventually cut ties with Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. Were it not for the unbiased, objective, not-at-all leftwing media collectively circling the wagons for Obama, John McCain would have been president.

In the years since, with the media always ready and willing to look the other way, we now know that Obama simply decided to trade in Jeremiah Wright for someone objectively worse: Al Sharpton.  Wright was a divisive, racialist demagogue, no question, but I’m unaware of anything in the Chicago preacher’s past that rises to the level of Sharpton’s behavior, past or present.

The Tawana Brawley affair (which Sharpton still refuses to admit was a fraud) and the murderous mobs the younger, heavier Sharpton whipped up are all well documented. Presently, Sharpton has only become more sophisticated and media-friendly with his divisive, race-baiting. We saw this during the Trayvon Martin affair and are seeing it again today in Ferguson.

To anyone paying attention, Sharpton’s behavior in Ferguson has been every bit as divisive, incendiary, and irresponsible as what we saw from Wright on those YouTube videos. Without knowing any of the facts surrounding shooting of Michael Brown, this is the kind of venom Sharpton has hurled:

A young man 18 years old shot down in the streets unarmed and rather than you address it, you tried to smear the young man, rather than uphold the principles of justice and dignity. I want you to know these parents are not going to cry alone. They’re not going to stand alone. They’re not going to fight alone. We have had enough.

Sharpton is Wright on steroids and now he’s Obama’s go-to guy. Yes, we live in a country where the American president believes “You can do business with that guy.”

I’m a big believer in redemption, second chances, and the idea that a man can change. Sharpton hasn’t changed. It’s the same divisive, racial poison and grifting. The imprimatur of NBC News and a sitting president changes nothing. 

Heaven forbid Obama’s go-to guy on race be a good man, a uniter and a healer. Allowing Americans to finally embrace reality — all that we have in common and how far we’ve come — is a direct threat to the Democrat’s Jenga Tower of a coalition. The bitter fight to keep us divided using fabricated bogeymen must march on. 


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