BuzzFeed Staffer Struggles to Justify His Bias

BuzzFeed Staffer Struggles to Justify His Bias

Breitbart News has previously documented the left-wing bias at BuzzFeed Politics, specifically the bias of Andrew Kaczynski, who advertises himself as an objective journalist. For example, back in April a spot check of Kaczynski’s posts revealed that over two weeks and 20 posts, 16 were aimed at Republicans and only 1 mildly at Democrats.

Friday afternoon Kaczynski was asked about this via Twitter, “Are you tasked to only report on Republicans,” @ARevFTW asked.

Kaczynski didn’t defend his work. That he devotes almost all his efforts to damaging the GOP is right there for everyone to see. Instead he blamed Republicans for his bias. 

“[N]ature of conservative media landscape and way I found thing naturally makes it easy to find things on Republicans[,]” Kaczynski explained. “[T]here’s no liberal talk radio and Democrats are way way behind on new media[.]”

The same day Kaczynski said he was lacking in Democrat material, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made a racist joke. Kaczynski didn’t cover it, and I could find no record of it anywhere on BuzzFeed.

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