CNN Buries Ferguson Shooting Audio

CNN Buries Ferguson Shooting Audio

UPDATE: About an hour after this piece posted, CNN breathlessly reported that there is evidence (see the update at the bottom of the piece) that the Ferguson shooting audio might not be fake. So the big news today is that CNN is pretty excited that their biggest story 36 hours ago might not be based on a fraud. 

What a news network. 

Ever since Wednesday morning, after two of its own experts expressed their on-the-air belief that CNN’s “exclusive” audio of the shooting of Michael Brown might be a hoax, the leftwing network has buried said audio. In the 30 or so hours since that embarrassing moment, I haven’t seen a single CNN segment focusing on or even mentioning the audio.

Could be I missed something. Regardless, there’s no question the audio went from 60 mph to 0 in a heartbeat.  

MSNBC sure hasn’t been interested in the audio — which speaks volumes.

CNN has admitted all along that it took no time to authenticate the audio, which apparently is CNN’s new journalistic standard to make recklessness okay. The gasoline of this audio was dropped on the smoldering embers of Ferguson, MO, just a few hours after the story had run out of gas — after Michael Brown’s funeral.

That’s not a coincidence.

With the 18 year-old man buried, the rioting quelled, and the evidence finally in the legal system where the arsonists at CNN could no longer dry hump it,  the race-baiters that now run and report for CNN apparently thought a bonus news-cycle was more important than little things like due diligence. When the streets burn, the ratings jump, the Democrat base is motivated to vote, and Don Lemon has another excuse to cry. 

Nobody loses … except of course the predominantly black working class of Ferguson who were most victimized by the media’s cynical stirring of the racial pot. 

But a news-cycle CNN got. In fact, the network almost got two … until their own experts suggested that the audio was so ridiculous and so out-of-whack with the known facts it wouldn’t surprise them if Howard Stern was behind it.

And now, likely fearing they were punk’d, CNN has buried … memory-holed the audio.

That doesn’t mean the audio isn’t authentic. That does mean CNN ran the audio relentlessly for 36 hours before authenticating it. That also means CNN could end up being the Dan Rather of news networks.

Maybe, and only now, are the CNN race-baiters who just last year fabricated audio evidence against George Zimmerman, acting like journalists with an authentication process.

Or maybe CNN is hoping the whole thing will just go away. After all, when it comes to our mainstream media, whether the audio ends up being real or not is besides the point. CNN was advancing The Cause, donchaknow.

If the audio was faked, if CNN was had, could CNN really get away with it?

CNN has already gotten clean away with colluding with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.

As long as it’s for The Cause, the mainstream media is grateful and CNN can be as reckless, unethical and dishonest as it likes.  

ADDED: The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple did CNN’s work for them and found some evidence the audio is authentic. Regardless of the outcome, CNN’s sin was always running with the audio without being sure. 

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