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MSNBC Sinks to 7 Year Lows; Maddow, Hayes Post Worst Ever Demo

MSNBC Sinks to 7 Year Lows; Maddow, Hayes Post Worst Ever Demo

MSNBC is in trouble. Big trouble. Despite the network achieving quarterly ratings lows unseen since 2007, MSNBC President Phil Griffin is determined to double down on failure with offerings such as illegal alien-advocate Jose-Diaz Balart and leftwing Millennial bait Ronan Farrow.

Meanwhile, back in the real world

MSNBC just had its worst three month stretch in nearly 7 years. For Q3 2014, MSNBC is down double digits in total day and primetime viewership. Among total day, A25-54 demo viewers, MSNBC placed fourth, behind FNC, CNN and HLN. In primetime, among total viewers MSNBC was second behind Fox News and ahead of CNN and HLN.

In the all-important, advertiser-coveted 25-54 demo, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’Donnell posted their worst showings… ever.

MSNBC’s numbers are so low, CNN is able to pretend its own ratings aren’t catastrophic.

If you’re wondering how MSNBC can remain in business with these kinds of numbers…

Primetime (Mon-Sun): 328,000 Total Viewers / 97,000 A25-54

Total Day (Mon-Sun): 552,000 Total Viewers / 150,000 A25-54

…the answer is simple: Whether you watch MSNBC or not, if it is part of your television package, you are subsidizing it. Although only a little more than a half-million people watch MSNBC, the leftwing network is available in 70 to 90 million homes. In the form of what’s known as carriage fees, MSNBC gets a sweet hunk of change because of that.

Bundled cable is nothing more than a legal racket – a leftwing affirmative action program that pumps toxicity into you homes, that you pay for.

Cut the cord, America… for America.

John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC


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