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CNN Bloodbath: Layoff Counselors, Show Cancellations

CNN Bloodbath: Layoff Counselors, Show Cancellations

Although CNN’s millionaire anchors are sitting pretty, the wealth isn’t being spread to the 300 positions being cut over the next few days. There are expected to be 130 buyouts and 170 layoffs. Instead, as Jeff Zucker, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett and others sit on a Scrooge McDuck pile of money, CNN is serving up on-site counseling for those losing their jobs:

For those facing layoffs today in CNN’s Washington bureau, staffers say the network is offering on-site counseling services. Those to be affected received a message offering “an experienced counselor” who will be on hand this afternoon to offer confidential services. Twenty-eight positions are expected to be part of layoffs in CNN’s DC bureau.

Also getting the ax are two CNN weekend shows. Though the anchors will all stay on in some capacity, “Sanjay Gupta MD,” “CNN Money” with Christine Romans, and “Unguarded with Rachel Nichols” are all gone. The sports show “Unguarded” and Nichols are both Zucker inspirations that didn’t work out.

Over at HLN, “Jane Velez Mitchell” was cancelled, both the host and the staff were axed.

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