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KLEIN: Abbas, Not Trump, Is the Grinch Who Stole Bethlehem Christmas

The fake news media narrative circulating the past few days goes something like this: President Donald’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital set off an “eruption of violence,” thus dampening the mood in Bethlehem and keeping tourists this Christmas season from one of the holiest cities for Christianity.


Hillary Clinton Campaign Rejects Max Blumenthal’s Antisemitism

While the media have been obsessively focused on whether a deleted Donald Trump tweet was antisemitic, Hillary Clinton has had to deal — albeit less publicly — with the antisemitic remarks of Max Blumenthal, son of close aide Sidney Blumenthal.

Max Blumenthal and Sidney Blumenthal (@gregmccarron1 / Twitter)

REPORT: Threat of U.S. Action at UN Security Council Impacting Israel Defense Aid Talks

Politics, not line items, may be complicating negotiations over an historic US defense package to Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned. Quiet talks have been under way for months over a new, decade-long aid deal, set to replace an expiring Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) worth $3 billion a year in security assistance to the Jewish state.

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L.A. Times Identifies Family of Slain Israeli Arab as “Palestinian”

The Los Angeles Times, ignoring facts that would conflict with its anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian messaging, identified Muhammad Musallam, the 19-year-old boy shot and killed by a child from the group Islamic State, as a “Palestinian,” instead of what he actually was–an Israeli Arab who lived in East Jerusalem.

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