Hillary, State Dept Duck Questions About OF-109 Form

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***UPDATED: Here is video of the AP’s Matt Lee  asking for Hillary Clinton’s OF-105. Apparently, this form is located in a very difficult place to reach. I’ve updated the post below to reflect the AP pursuing this:

Although her secret email server allowed Hillary Clinton to avoid FOIA requests from the media and congress; although she says she deleted 30,000 that no third party arbiter will ever get a chance to look at; although she may have committed perjury with the signing of her separation form (OF-109) from the State Department, the media have already lost interest in the story.

Like the Associated Press, Fox News has not. The Most Trusted Name In News is centering on that form. Monday they caught Ms. Clinton arriving at a luncheon and asked her about the form:

Fox News asked Clinton on Monday, as she arrived at an awards luncheon for the Irish American Hall of Fame in Manhattan, whether she signed that document.

Clinton said hi as she walked by, but left without answering the question.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki also could not say Monday whether Clinton signed the document.

“We’re looking to get an answer, I don’t have one today,” she said.

Here is why the EF-109 mattes … a lot:

According to people who would know, like National Review’s Shannen Coffin, on or near her last day as Secretary of State, per government policy, Ms. Clinton was required to sign what is known as the OF-109 form.  Coffin, a former senior lawyer at the State Department, says that the OF-109 is an acknowledgement that the departing State Department employee has returned and/or turned over all official documents and records to the State Department.

Three crucially important points here:

  1. Those records are not limited to classified material. All records must be left in the hands of the State Department.
  2. Those records would include emails.
  3. The OF-109 is signed under penalty of perjury.

Now, no one knows if Ms. Clinton signed the OF-109. The mainstream media has shown zero interest in pursuing the form. In fact, as of yesterday at  3:13 pm Greenwich Mean Time, the media dropped the email scandal entirely.

Which is why God created Fox News.

Thank heaven we have at least two major news organizations that believes perjury matters when vetting a major presidential candidate.


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