NBC Champions Children’s Gender Confusion


NBC used to stand for National Broadcasting Company, but given its proclivity for attacking traditional gender roles in youngsters, it may be more accurately described as the network for Neutered or Befuddled Children.

On April 21 and 22, NBC ran a two-part series revolving around “transgender” children that featured its correspondent Kate Snow interviewing Pediatrician Michelle Forcier, associate professor of pediatrics at Brown University Alpert. Forcier was honored by “The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health” as its “Hump Day Hero,” and who advocates early puberty interventions of kids who think they should be the opposite sex.

Interviewed by Snow, Forcier postulated that parents whose children evinced any signs of gender confusion should act quickly, asserting, “In fact, what I say is the biggest harm is to do nothing.” That wasn’t news for Forcier—“The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health,” a group that claims it “fights to reduce sexual shame” and boasts it has “the largest handmade vulva doorframe in America,” had already elicited a statement from Forcier in 2012:

I have an interest in early puberty interventions including puberty blockers and initiating puberty in the asserted not assigned gender if youth and families are ready to go forward with a transition plan…

I have an interest in exploring taboo and difficult areas of health and culture with a goal of pushing our boundaries…

On April 21, Snow was shown interviewing a family who forced their daughter “Mia” to “transition” into a boy called Jacob when “Mia” was four years old. Not content with one story of a small child told she was really a boy, on April 22, NBC proudly related the story of the transgender granddaughter of U.S. Rep. Mike Honda, Malisa, mentioning Honda’s tweet in support of her gender change, as host Lester Holt commented that Honda’s tweet had “touched so many people.”

Correspondent Kate Snow touchingly pointed out that Congressman Honda said dealing with his granddaughter “has influenced the way he sees issue on Capitol Hill.” Snow added, “While eight may sound young, when they see the difference in their daughter, Michelle and Travis wish they’d helped Malisa transition sooner.”

ABC was far ahead of NBC when it came to transgender children: a segment from 20/20 in 2007 featured a family with a six-year-old boy they considered a girl. The mother stated, “We’ll say things like, ‘You’re special. God made you special.’ Because there aren’t very many little girls out there that have a penis.”

NBC has been joined by numerous other media giants to push the transgender theme: the ironically-named ABC Family greenlit My Transparent Life, a docuseries from Ryan Seacrest Productions, revolved around a teen named Ben who finds out his dad has decided to be a woman; Amazon’s Transparent also features a daddy wanting to be a mommy; Netflix has Orange Is the New Black, with Laverne Cox, an openly transgender star; HBO and Lena Dunham plan a documentary about the transgender clients of a tailor; MTV boasted the comedy Faking It, giving the world an intersex character; VH1 and Tyra Banks were to produce a transgender docuseries called TransAmerica.


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